What was in Venetian crate PUBG?

Crate items

Name Image Drop rate
Venetian – Mini 14 0.05%
Tick Tock – M416 0.35%
Lucky Knight – SKS 1.2%
Tick Tock – QBZ 1.2%

How do I get the PUBG pioneer crate?

Summary. Pioneer Crates contain semi-random gear for players. They are acquired with Battle Points (BP), which are given every time a round has ended.

What is in the biker crate PUBG?

Crate items

Name Drop rate Category
Aviator Goggles 0.03% Glasses, Goggles
Beanie (Gray) 4.50% Hat
Biker Pants (Black) 0.40% Pants
Biker Pants (Gray) 0.05% Pants

How do you open the triumph crate in PUBG?

How to unlock PUBG crates. Currently, there are six types of PUBG crate that require a key to be opened. The Gamescom Invitational Crate, Fever Crate, and Desperado Crate can all be opened with the Early Bird Key. The Weapons Skin Key unlocks the Triumph Crate and Equinox Crate.

Do you need keys to open PUBG crates?

Locked crates require a key, which can be purchased on the Steam Marketplace, essentially cheating players out of their reward unless they pay to unlock it. Beginning December 18, locked crate will be phased out.

Did PUBG get rid of crates?

PUBG is no longer letting players purchase random loot crates with in-game currency that can turn out to be locked in the game. A new update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is removing one of the most controversial aspects of its microtransaction system from the game.

How do you get PUBG keys?

The first option is to buy Keys from the in-game store with real-life currency, which will currently cost you $2.50 each. The second option is buying the Key from the Steam Market but be wary of varying prices, since it’s a real possibility that you overpay on accident.

Do you need keys to open crates in PUBG?

PUBG Corp will remove the locks on crates from paid for loot boxes. The news was announced in a blog update, with the developer rolling out the changes on December 18th.

What should I use my BP on in PUBG?

BP, or Battle Points, is PUBG Mobile’s currency that can be earned by completing matches, missions, or more. After each match, you’ll earn an amount of BP which can only be used to buy Soldier Crates and change your avatar’s appearance or gender.

What is BP PUBG Xbox?

Just like in standard PUBG, BP is the in-game currency that’s earned through gameplay. BP is used to buy crates. For the PTS, players will receive 100,000 BP.

What is the key in PUBG?

There is an element of luck to accessing the PUBG Paramo secret rooms, as it requires you to loot a key which can be used to open one secret room door. The issue is, these keys are randomly dispersed, meaning you have to play like normal, looting and scavenging until you find one.

Can you still buy crates with BP on PUBG?

This crate can be purchased by BP (Battle Points), in-game currency that you earn by completing and winning matches. The third crate are limited edition crates. These crates like the Twitch Prime crates require no key and are free to get (unless you have a membership to certain services).

How do I get PUBG keys?

Do you need keys for PUBG crates?

Where is the secret room in PUBG?

There are a total of 12 PUBG Taego secret rooms to find, and they can be found all across the map, dotting the various corners and the centre. They look like regular buildings for the most part and don’t stand out too much, however you can note a secret room’s location by the locked doors.

What is the secret key for PUBG?

The secret room key is the first step to getting inside of the secret room. There are 14 Secret Rooms spread throughout the map. These locations are hidden, but you’re going to find a key to actually get into one of these rooms first. Unfortunately, these are mainly spawned at random.

What does AG mean in PUBG?

PUBG Mobile introduced a new in-game currency called the AG (Ace Gold) currency in their 0.18. 0 update. Now you can buy your favorite in-game items like weapon skins, and wearables with AG currency instead of using UC (Unknown Cash).

Is BP useless in PUBG?

After the updates, players will be able to buy skins directly from the shop using the Battle Points. Now Battle Points are pretty useless because you can only buy a limited number of items with it.

How do you get G in PUBG?

G-COIN obtained through in-game events or by completing Survivor Pass Missions are categorized as “Free G-COIN” and have an expiration date of 3 months. This condition can be changed at PUBG’s discretion. Make sure to use all your G-COIN before it expires!