Who is the best country in FIFA?


RK Team Total Points
1 Brazil Brazil 1837.56
2 Belgium Belgium 1821.92
3 Argentina Argentina 1770.65
4 France France 1764.85

What is the rank of India in football world?

The Indian men’s senior national football team reaped rewards after their stellar Asian Cup qualification as they advanced two places up from 106th to 104th in the latest FIFA world rankings.

What is Iran’s FIFA ranking?

Iran Remains 21st in FIFA Ranking.

Who has the best national team?

FIFA 21 – Best National Teams

Rank Team MID
1 France 87
2 Spain 86
3 Belgium 83
4 Portugal 83

Which team is No 1 in football?

World Football / Soccer Rankings

Rk Team Record
1 Brazil 43-4-11
2 Belgium 42-7-8
3 France 39-6-14
4 Netherlands 28-8-13

Who is ODI No 1 ranking?

Men’s ODI Team Rankings

Pos Team Rating
1 NZ 125
2 ENG 125
3 PAK 106
4 IND 105

Is USA good at soccer?

The U.S. Soccer Problem. We all know that the United States is not recognized on a global level for soccer. Although we have improved throughout the years, we are not regarded as a major international powerhouse, such as Brazil or Spain.

Which country is best in soccer?

First introduced in December 1992, the FIFA men’s world rankings show the best international soccer teams in the world based on recent match results and tournament performances. Brazil currently sit top of the FIFA world rankings, just ahead of Belgium.