Are there cameras on V-Line trains?

Metro train services are equipped with CCTV cameras as an extra security measure for passengers, but V/Line carriages do not have the same equipment.

What time do trains run to Melbourne?

Train and tram services run between 5am and midnight, Monday to Thursday. Melbourne has 24 hour public transport on weekends. Trains run hourly and trams every 30 minutes during the weekends across the city.

Is Geelong a V-Line?

The Geelong line is a regional passenger rail service operated by V/Line in Victoria, Australia. It serves passengers between state capital Melbourne and the regional city of Geelong. Various V/Line trains wait at Geelong station for departure.

Is the XPT still running to Melbourne?

Transport NSW has ceased running the XPT to Melbourne, limiting its travel to Sydney-Albury. The XPT train service between Sydney and Melbourne is now operating only between Albury and Central Sation.

What is a quiet carriage on a train?

quiet carriage. plural. quiet carriages. DEFINITIONS1. a carriage on a train where passengers are asked not to make or receive phone calls, use electronic equipment that makes a noise, etc.

Do I need to book a train ticket to Geelong?

However, reservations are not needed on trains to or from all other destinations including Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Seymour and Traralgon. Trains running to and from Albury, Bairnsdale, Shepparton, Swan Hill and Warrnambool offer First Class and economy travel.

How do I get to Melbourne by train?

Melbourne has two types of trains, the Metropolitan system (Metro) which services the city and inner suburbs and the VLine country trains which connect the outer suburbs to the city.

Where can I find Geelong line D?

Geelong Line D Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne. AD Plan your ourney and check for live service updates at , on the PT pp or call ∑˛ ˛ ˛˝ . Geelong Line Effective ˚/˛˚/˝˛˝˚