What does a Combat Sustainment Support Battalion do?

Deployed CSSBs are task organized to support Army forces in support of decisive action tasks. The CSSB provides support and services to enable operational reach, to ensure freedom of action, and to prolong endurance of Army forces conducting decisive action tasks.

What is a Cssb army?

13th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (13th CSSB) is a modular, corps-level support organization Battalion responsible for providing multifunctional logistics support to maneuver, fires, and effects organizations as well as multifunctional logistics assistance to other support organizations.

What is a combat sustainment unit?

An SMC provides tactical and operational field maintenance support for all units within the sustainment brigade’s area of operation. It consists of a company headquarters providing command and control for cellular platoons, modules teams performing system repair and replacement and return to user operations.

What does a sustainment unit do?

A sustainment brigade has a joint capability that allows the Army to better manage the flow of logistics into the area of operations (AO) and provides support to other services for common logistics like fuel, common ammo, medical supplies, repair parts of wheeled vehicles, and so forth.

What is difference between ESC and ESP?

ESC and ESP are practically the same thing, ESC stands for Electronic Stability Control and ESP stands for Electronic Stability Programme. Your car may have an alternate system such as: VDC (vehicle dynamic control), VSA (vehicle stability assist) or DSC (dynamic stability control).

What is ESP and TCS?

ESP operates in conjunction with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS). ABS is of course designed to maintain traction and enable steering during severe braking by preventing lockup, whereas TCS helps a vehicle’s drive wheels maintain traction during acceleration.