Is there a Star Trek fan club?

There are many Star Trek fan clubs, among the largest being STARFLEET International and the International Federation of Trekkers. Some Trekkies regularly attend Star Trek conventions (called “cons”).

Why is Planet Trek not called?

You never go to a star, not one episode.” My favorite line by far, laughed so hard.

What is a Trekkie vs Trekker?

Trekkies is what Star Trek fans called themselves. The outside world only saw the most fanatical and unhinged, so that is the image that they had for Trekkies and used it to refer to all Star Trek fans. Trekkers is a term coined by those who take themselves and what others think of them far too seriously.

How do I join Starfleet?

Admission is open to any Federation citizen, or non-citizens by sponsorship of a Starfleet command-level officer; minimum entry age for humans is 16.

Why was Spock not in generations?

Star Trek Generations was made without the participation of Leonard Nimoy, who refused to direct the movie or cameo as Spock, because he hated it. The late Leonard Nimoy didn’t participate in Star Trek Generations because he hated the screenplay and, later, the finished film as well.

Is Star Trek or Star Wars older?

The Star Trek television series was originally produced in 1966, and it influenced the 1977 beginning of the popular Star Wars films.

At what age can you join Starfleet Academy?

Is there a real Starfleet?

Starfleet is a fictional organization in the Star Trek media franchise.

What is the demographic for Star Trek?

The respondents were mostly single, over 40, and well-educated. 43% referred to themselves as “Trekkies.” 79% said they were involved in Star Trek fandom because they agreed with the philosophical ideals of the shows.

Did Picard ever meet Spock?

Spock Meets Picard (‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ Season 5, Episodes 7 and 8) Spock (Leonard Nimoy) truly did live long and prosper — all the way until the 24th century, where it’s revealed he’s a Starfleet ambassador. Picard goes uncover to save ambassador Spock from the Romulans after the Vulcan is goes missing.

Where can I join the Star Trek fan community?

Fans can join the Star Trek BBS, the internet’s largest Trek discussion forum with over 15,000 members and thousands of daily discussions. is Australia’s first Star Trek fan site, going boldly since 2003. Home to episode reviews and The Trekzone Spotlight, an interview podcast series aiming to interview every SciFi alumni in the world!

Is Star Trek a post-scarcity society?

Star Trek is what can be considered a post-scarcity society. Medical care also appears to be free (though we only see the medical world through Starfleet) thanks to advances in science.

Where can I find all the latest Star Trek news?

Fan Sites. TrekCore offers one of the largest repositories for information on every Star Trek episode and movie along with all the latest news, interviews and analysis on Blu-ray releases, books, gaming, soundtracks and more. Latest Updates: is your daily dose of Star Trek news, reviews, interviews and culture.

What are the best websites for Star Trek fans? is your daily dose of Star Trek news, reviews, interviews and culture. We provide the latest updates and coverage of past television series and films, conventions, video games, books, humor, comics, collecting and more. is a site for breaking news and information about all aspects of Star Trek.