Who played acoustic guitar wild horses?

It features session player Jim Dickinson on piano, Richards on electric guitar and 12-string acoustic guitar, and Mick Taylor on acoustic guitar.

Who sang wild horses first?

Songfacts®: “Wild Horses” was originally a Rolling Stones song, written by Stones frontmen Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The Stones were working on it for their Sticky Fingers album, but Gram Parsons approached them and asked permission to record it with his band The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Who played lead guitar on wild horses?

Keith Richards
The original recording has three guitar parts on it, a six string in Nashville tuning played by Mick Taylor, a twelve string played by Keith Richards and an electric part also played by Keith.

Who played lead guitar on Wild Horses?

What guitar did Keith Richards play on wild horses?

Gibson acoustic guitars
– Keith Richards, 1977 I played one of Keith’s Gibson acoustic guitars in what they call a Nashville tuning. The guitar is tuned exactly the same way as regular tuning, but you use all first and second strings and you tune them in octaves. It’s kind of like playing a 12-string guitar without the other six strings.

Who has covered wild horses song?


Title Performer Release date
Wild Horses The Rolling Stones April 23, 1971
Wild Horses The Flying Burrito Brothers May 1970
Wild Horses Labelle 1971
Wild Horses Leon Russell March 1974

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