What are Popcorners made of?

PopCorners are made with popped yellow corn (not popcorn), sunflower oil, salt and the flavoring of the bag such as added evaporated sugar for kettle corn. They are popped like popcorn and come in the shape of a triangle chip and are strong to be able to use for dipping.

Are white cheddar Popcorners vegetarian?

In the Popcorners White Cheddar flavor of their original snack, the cheddar and blue cheese ingredients make this a non-vegan friendly snack.

Are Popcorners white cheddar gluten free?

No gluten, no nuts. Just simple ingredients for great tasting flavor.

Did Popcorners change their recipe?

We used to be big fans of these chips, but they seem to have changed the recipe when they changed the packaging. We used to devour them by the bag, but this new recipe just doesn’t taste right to us. Now they much, much saltier, with less cheesy-goodness.

Are PopCorners actually healthy?

Pop Corners are a healthier alternative to Doritos and other chips, even low-fat varieties. With few ingredients (Sea Salt contains only three: corn, oil and salt) and little fat, these are a guilt-free, tasty treat.

What PopCorners are vegan?

The majority of Popcorners varieties are vegan. Among their original PopCorners lineup, Sea Salt, Sweet Chili, Kettle Corn are vegan. And within their Flex Protein Crisps lineup, BBQ is the only vegan flavor.

Are PopCorners chips gluten-free?

The crunchy and wholesome popped-corn snack. 110 calories per serving. 0 g trans fat. Certified gluten-free.

Are all PopCorners dairy free?

Certified Gluten-Free. Vegan. Made in a facility that does not process peanuts or tree nuts. No dairy ingredients.

Are PopCorners healthy for you?

Are PopCorners processed?

Both are derived artificially from natural sources and severely processed, rendering the ingredients “no longer natural,” the Popcorners class action lawsuit alleges.

Are PopCorners gluten and dairy free?

110 calories per serving. 0 g trans fat. Certified gluten-free. No dairy ingredients.

Are PopCorners healthy?

Are PopCorners healthier than potato chips?

Are Popcorners healthy?

Do PopCorners chips have gluten?