What are intelligent tires?

Intelligent tyres are a brand new concept that can actually tell you useful information about your tyre through a small sensor, these include; traction, tread wear, temperature and load. The information from these sensors can be used to help optimise the performance of your vehicle.

What cars use Continental tires?

The company’s products are also popular with the producers of sports cars and super sports cars such as Porsche, Maserati and AMG. Rolls Royce and Maybach drive on Continental, while electric car manufacturers Audi, Tesla and Renault also rely on the company’s products for the contact patch between car and road.

What car manufacturers use Continental tires?

What size tires does a Smart car have?

2019 Smart Fortwo Tire Size. The 2019 Smart Fortwo has tire sizes of P165/65TR15 and P185/60TR15. What is this? The 2019 Smart Fortwo has wheel (rim) sizes of 15 X 5 and 15 X 5.5 inches.

What kind of tires are on the Mars Rover?

The SMART Tire Company has revealed its first space-age tire, soon to be available to the general public. Already tested by NASA for use on Mars Rover missions, these tires come equipped with the company’s Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology (SMART), made from the super-elastic material NiTinol+.

What vehicles come with Continental tires?

What is the recall on Continental tires?

Continental Tire is recalling several of its tires manufactured from January 6, 2019, to April 30, 2022. The concern is for the adventure-minded TKC 80 and all-around ContiGo! motorcycle tires. Additionally, two scooter tires—the retro-styled K62 and LB—are part of the recall.

Why buy Continental tires?

Tests and test results. Continental tires regularly score top ratings in independent tests all over the world; confirmed quality for a safe driving experience in all conditions.

How do smart car tires improve fuel economy?

Browse our extensive assortment of Smart Car tires. Trusted manufacturers that stand behind these tires use special tread designs and compounds to offer the right amount of traction for various driving conditions. Some products are made to further improve your auto’s inherent fuel economy by lowering rolling resistance.

How do intelligent tires work in shared vehicles?

In shared vehicles, intelligent tires have to collect data in a way that serves both the interests of you, the driver, and those of the owners who operate a shared vehicle fleet.

Are your tires smarter than you think?

No matter what innovations car technologies bring, tires are what deliver them to our streets. The tires on the car you are driving today are probably already smarter than you think. And as you drive towards an even more electrified, autonomous and connected automotive future, you won’t believe how intelligent tires are going to become.