IS Infinite Stratos Ichika love interest?

Although not officially confirmed, many believe Ichika has romantic feelings for Houki. Houki is the first character to confess her feelings to Ichika (second one being Kanzashi).

Who does houki like in Infinite Stratos?

Ichika Orimura
Houki is the first character to confess her feelings to Ichika Orimura with the second one being Kanzashi Sarashiki.

Who will Ichika marry Infinite Stratos?

Ichika is delighted of meeting Rin again after their one year separation and Rin officially becomes the third person to win Ichika for herself after her feelings for him are revealed.

Why does houki Taketori cover his eye?

He covers his eye to conceal a Byakugan that was given as a gift from the Hyuga clan. Since many villages tried to steal the Byakugan in the past, the Hyuga clan made sure all their eyes of fallen clan members were retrieved to prevent any shinobi from other villages obtaining their powers.

Does Ichika like Futaro?

When Ichika becomes more honest with her feelings, she eventually told Nino how she also loves Fuutarou, making the two competitive love rivals.

What is the age gap in Koikimo?

10 years
The 10 years age gap isn’t a big deal for me. But falling in love with a 17-year-old, who is still not out of high school, and 10 years younger than me? I don’t think I feel very good about the theme at all.

Does Houki love Ichika?

At the end, Houki confesses to Ichika that she loves him, but the fireworks begin as she confesses muting her “I love you”. The name Houki means “broom” (箒). Houki’s surname Shinonono means “dwarf bamboo” (篠) ( shino) and “this” (之) ( no ).

Does Ichika have a sister complex towards Chifuyu?

They are even worried that Ichika might have a sister complex towards Chifuyu and likiewise. Despite rarely showing it, Chifuyu greatly enjoys that Ichika treats her much better than other girls (including those who love him), much to their annoyance and jealousy.

Why didn’t Ichika have any interaction with rain and Forte?

Ichika didn’t have much interaction with either of them because they were all in different years. The first time Ichika interact with them was when they and the other personal pilots went on a mission together. During which, neither Rain or Forte showed much respect for Ichika and repeatedly teased him.

What is Ichika’s opinion of Charlotte?

After the discovery of Charlotte’s/Charles’ true gender, Ichika’s opinion and friendship towards her is completely unwavered. Although some events happen between them that are undeniably awkward, they have maintained an extremely good relationship.