Which of the below is not an advantage of plane table survey?

6. Which of the below is not an advantage of PT survey? Explanation: It is used only to locate a certain local object. It doesn’t give accurate results and can’t be used for high precision works.

What is the principle of chain surveying?

The principle of chain surveying is triangulation. This means that the area to be surveyed is divided into a number of small triangles which should be well conditioned. In chain surveying the sides of the triangles which should be well conditioned.

What is the aim of surveying?

The primary objective of surveying is to prepare a map to show the respective positions of the points of objects located on the surface of the earth which is then used for the preparation of plans of different construction works such as buildings, roads, railways, canals, etc.. The map is prepared on a suitable scale.

How many types of a compass are used in surveying?

two main
There are two main kinds of magnetic compass used in surveying, both of which are included in the collection – the Surveyor’s compass and the Prismatic compass. The surveyor’s compass is usually the larger and more accurate instrument, and is generally used on a stand or tripod.

What are the instruments used in plane table surveying?

In a plane table surveying a table top, similar to drawing board fitted onto a tripod is the main instrument. A drawing sheet is fixed on to the table top, the observations are made to the objects, distances are scaled down and the objects are plotted in the field itself.

What is bearing in survey?

In land surveying, a bearing is the clockwise or counterclockwise angle between north or south and a direction.

How many meridians are used in survey?

How many meridians are used in surveying? Explanation: True, magnetic and arbitrary meridians are used. True meridian passes through true North and South.

What is the first principle of surveying?

to work from whole to part
Explanation: The first principle of surveying is to work from whole to part. Before starting the actual survey measurements, the surveying is to work from around the area to fix the best positions of survey lines and survey stations.

Which line is back bone of survey?

Draw a Center Line The center line is the backbone of the road; it is the first survey item captured.

Which compass is used in plane table survey?

Simple Alidade Alidade compass has two edges. One straight and other one is beveled. The straight edge is made of brass or gunmetal and works as a ruler. The beveled edge is called the fiducial edge.

What is FB and BB?

Bearings measured in the direction of progress of the survey are known as fore bearing and bearings measured opposite to the direction of the survey are known as back bearing.