What is the height of a Harris bipod?

Pretty sure you will want the 9~13″. Especially if the majority of your shots could be up hill. That’s what I use and like getting the rear off the ground a bit to get in my shoulder pocket. If I had the shorter 6 ~9 I would have it maxed out most all the time.

What should I look for in a bipod?

Bipods manufactured from light materials like aluminum last much longer than those made from cheaper plastics and they are easier to carry over long distances. Another nifty feature is buying a bipod that includes a sling to carry your rifle in a way that reduces potential damage to both the rifle and the bipod.

Is bipod good for hunting?

For hunters, bipods are mostly a pain in the neck. They’re heavy, bulky, cumbersome, and completely unbalance a rifle. Because most shots at game come from all sorts of positions, and many in great haste, bipods aren’t usually worth the trouble of carting around.

How tall is the Harris Engineering BRM series 1A2 bipod?

Harris Engineering Model BRM Series 1A2 6-9in. Bipod 1A2-BRM Height: 6 – 9 in, Weight: 10 oz, 20% Off w/ Free S&H 4.8 rating with 39reviews review & rate 17 Questions & 17 Answers Best Rated Product

How much does Harris Engineering L1a2 bipod cost?

Harris Engineering Model L Series 1A2 9-12 Bipod L1A2(1)$100.60(Save 24%)$76.79 On Sale

What are the features of the Harris Engineering BRM series?

Features of Harris Engineering Model BRM Series 1A2 6-9 Bipod, 2H-B0-BRM1A2: Extends from 6 to 9 inches. Leg notches in 1-inch increments. Folding legs are spring loaded, for fast deployment. Versatile, sturdy, light and fast. Made from high strength anodized aluminum alloy. Stressed parts are tempered spring steel.

What is the best bipod clamp for a bolt action rifle?

The Harris Engineering HBRM Extending Bipod clamps to the majority of Q.D. stud-equipped bolt action riflesand have a sling attachment provision and adjustment for off-center studs. Crafted out of high strength anodized aluminum alloy, this is the ultimate lightweight, sturdy and versatile bipod for your mounting needs.