How do you tone a bluesy guitar?

The Quick Answer. Start with the following amp settings for blues guitar: low-moderate gain (2-4), low-moderate bass (2-4), medium to high mids (6-8) and medium to high treble (6-8). If your amplifier has built-in reverb, make sure you turn this on and have it set to around 1-4.

What amps do Iron Maiden use?

Throughout his career, Dave Murray has used and endorsed Marshall amplifiers and has used Fender Stratocasters almost exclusively.

How do I make my guitar sound like Iron Maiden?

EQ/ Tone (Bass, Mids, Treble)

  1. The bass setting should be kept moderately low on most amplifiers to sound like Iron Maiden.
  2. The mids setting should be moderate so keep this on around 6-7 to begin with.
  3. Start with your treble setting on 7-8 to begin with as this will ensure the tone is crisp and clear (instead of muddy).

What effects does Dave Murray use?

Marshall JMP-1 Dave used the combination of two JMP-1 preamps to provide five sounds. One for clean, two rhythm, and two lead tones. Dave’s JMP-1 runs into a series of Marshall JMC 2000 heads used solely as power amps.

What tuning is Tesseract?

In an interview with Guitar Player Magazine, Montieth noted that his and Kahney’s RGD’s are tuned to Bb, F, Bb, Eb, F, Bb, Eb – a filthy tuning for maximum djentability.

What pick does Dave Murray use?

As of 2015, his main guitar is a 2-tone sunburst Fender Californian Series Stratocaster with two Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pick-ups (bridge and neck positions), one Seymour Duncan JB Jr. pick-up (middle position) and a chrome Floyd Rose tremolo system.

Why does Iron Maiden use Stratocasters?

“I’ve got to tell you it just felt right. It’s like cars: people like Lamborghinis or Ferraris and it’s about the shape. I think it’s just the shape of the Strat just felt right to me. It always did.

What chords do Iron Maiden use?

The vi – IV – V Progression This chord progression is a staple in Iron Maiden songs and is one that they use to great effect. It is played using power chords.

What strings does Dave Murray use?

Guitar specifications

  • Ernie Ball Strings – custom gauge .009, .011, .014, .024, .032, .042.
  • Seymour Duncan Hot Rails single coil sized humbucking pick-ups with dual blade coils.
  • “Original” Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo Systems.

What strings did Dave Murray use?