Can you get an integrated wine fridge?

The integrated wine cooler is a built-in model that can be discreetly built into existing cabinets and under counters. Similarly to the freestanding model, knowing how to choose a wine cooler in an integrated style that’s suitable for your needs depends on what you require.

What is the depth of a wine fridge?

A wine cabinet’s depth largely depends on the cabinet’s contents; the wine racking used, cooling system, lights, insulation, and more. On average, the interior depth of a wine cabinet is around 24-inches, 27-inches, or 29-inches.

How big is a wine cabinet?

Best Wine Racking Based on Bottle Dimensions & Size

Wine Bottle Size Wine Type
1.5L – 3 9/16″ to 4″ diameter Fits in Magnums, large Champagnes, Turley & other wider bottles
Stackables & Cellar Cubes VintageView W Series Racks
4L-6L – 5″ diameter Fits in Double Magnum, Jeroboam

What are the features of a 500mm wide wine cooler?

Our 500mm wide wine coolers are equipped with various technological features that are designed to keep your precious bottles as protected as possible. These features include UV-resistant glass doors, anti-vibration systems, door alarms and winter functions.

What is a built-in wine cooler?

Designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen, a built-in wine cooler is a great way to save space and store your wine at the precise serving temperature you prefer.

What are the different types of wine coolers available?

Whether you’re looking for a built-in wine cooler or an undercounter beverage fridge, we have models available in virtually every size, type and finish, with even more features and storage capacities to boot. An undercounter wine cooler offers versatile storage in the most convenient location for you.

How many bottles can you put in a built in wine cooler?

The 18 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler Single Zone Wine Refrigerator comes in a compact design that has a capacity for 18 standard bottles. It comes with waterproof beech wooden shelves and a stainless steel door with double-layer tempered glass. The single-zone cooler is also easy to operate with its digital thermostat.