How do you get from Cairo to Jordan?

The best way to get from Cairo to Jordan is to fly which takes 6h 14m and costs $130 – $300. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $56 – $60 and takes 19h 4m. How long is the flight from Cairo to Jordan? The quickest flight from Cairo Airport to Amman Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h 15m.

How do I get from Cairo to the Red Sea?

The quickest way to get from Cairo to Red Sea Governorate is to line 3 Metro and fly which costs $50 – $280 and takes 3h 29m. How far is it from Cairo to Red Sea Governorate? The distance between Cairo and Red Sea Governorate is 665 km. The road distance is 458.9 km.

How long is the drive from Cairo to Red Sea?

approximately 19h 22m
Yes, the driving distance between Cairo to Red Sea is 1488 km. It takes approximately 19h 22m to drive from Cairo to Red Sea.

How do you get from Egypt to Petra?

The best way to get from Egypt to Petra without a car is to bus which takes 23h 15m and costs $75 – $80. How long does it take to get from Egypt to Petra? It takes approximately 8h 30m to get from Egypt to Petra, including transfers.

Is there a ferry from Egypt to Jordan?

There are many companies operating ferries from Egypt to Jordan, among which AB Maritime Company is the most popular. The ferries set sail from Nuweiba port or Taba port in Egypt and arrive at Aquba port in Jordan. ► Notes: Only round-way tickets are available between Taba and Aqaba.

How do you get from Aqaba to Egypt?

AB Maritime is the main ferry company that provides service from Aqaba Port in Jordan to various ports in Egypt. The Aqaba Taba Ferry runs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30 am. The Ferry crossing is one hour. The Taba Aqaba Ferry runs Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1:30 pm.

Is the Red Sea in Cairo?

Located in northeastern Africa, Egypt touches both the Mediterranean and Red Seas. An ancient wonderland, Egypt is every bit as interesting to explore above the water as the Red Sea is below the water. The capital city, Cairo, has an estimated 25 million residents, making it the fifth largest city in the world.

How long did it take the Israelites to reach the Red Sea?

three days
Josephus stated that it took only three days of journeying for the Israelites to reach the Red Sea. “But as they went away hastily, on the third day, they came to a place called Baalzephon, on the Red Sea” (Antiquities, 2.15. 1).

How do I get to Egypt from Aqaba?

Can you cross from Egypt to Jordan?

You can go by sea from Egypt to Jordan by crossing the Aqaba Gulf between Jordan’s Aqaba and Egypt’s Nuweiba. There’s a ferry there available that can help you cross from one country to another.

How do I get from Eilat to Aqaba?

Visitors can get from Aqaba straight to Eilat by shuttle bus. Shuttle buses run twice a day at 7.30 am and 18.00 from most hotels in Aqaba and from Aqaba Airport. The journey from Aqaba to Eilat is around 25USD per person.

How long does it take to sail from Cairo to Luxor?

13 days
Cruise Itinerary from Cairo to Luxor – 13 days 13 Day Cruise Cairo Luxor Aswan.

Is the Red Sea worth visiting?

Red Sea richness It is where the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba meet, creating a wonderful marine destination in itself. Boasting some amazing waters with seabeds that are home to numerous reefs and marine life, the Red Sea is definitely an excellent place for diving and snorkelling.

Is the Red Sea a tourist attraction?

The Red Sea is one of the world’s best places to visit for scuba diving, and for decades dive enthusiasts have headed here specifically for a holiday spent mostly underwater.

How far did the Egyptians walk across the Red Sea?

Still, a lot of assumptions. “In my model, Moses has 4 hours to get across,” says Drews. The area of land that becomes available for crossing in Drews’ computer model is 3 to 4 kilometers long, and 5 km wide.