Is Evillious Chronicles over?

After the album and limited edition story were released on February 25, natalie posted its transcribed interview with Akuno-P. During the interview, mothy confirmed he currently planned to end his Evillious series in roughly five years.

How do I start the Evillious Chronicles?

From where, I’d recommend you start reading about characters and events of the Seven Deadly Sins and Original Sin Story, especially Elluka and Irina Clockworker. This may all look intimidating as it’s a lot of info to take in, but just keep in mind that it’s okay to take your time.

What is the chronology of Evillious?

Chronicles of Evillious is a complex chronology created by mothy, which connects all of the series and most of the songs created by him in one main timeline which lasts at least 1000 years. Other songs reference the time before the millennium and events that occur after the world’s end

What is the plot of the Evillious Chronicles?

The main motive and force behind the plot of the Evillious Chronicles. They were created from the division of Eve Moonlit’s Original Sin into seven pieces. These pieces, being initially the Millennium Tree Forest elements, eventually change throughout the whole storyline, lasting for a thousand years.

What is the story behind the song Evillious?

Other songs reference the time before the millennium and events that occur after the world’s end The history takes place in seven countries (one being an empire) that conform the fictional region denominated Evillious and talks about the events after Eve’s actions that tainted the world with the crime, unleashing the Seven Deadly Sins.

What do the Bold and underlined numbers mean in Evillious Chronicles?

Bold numbers/songs are currently only mentioned in the Evillious Chronicles document. Underlined numbers are theoretical placements of ambiguous songs, whether ambiguous in placement or canonicity. The thing that probably confuses newcomers to the series is that the same VOCALOID can play different parts.