How many zones are in Alaska?

two time zones
Alaska is officially covered by two time zones, as described below: Aleutian Islands west of −169.5° (169°30′W) – Islands of Four Mountains, Andreanof Islands, Rat Islands and Near Islands – are in the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone (UTC−10:00, DST UTC−09:00). Daylight saving time (DST) is observed.

Does the University of Alaska Cover 4 time zones?

Alaska spans 57.5 degrees of longitude (four time zones), which is almost exactly the same as the 57.6 degrees between Maine and Washington, thus the “South 48” also span four time zones.

What are the four time zones in Alaska?

Time Zones Currently Being Used in Alaska

Offset Time Zone Abbreviation & Name
UTC -9 HDT Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time
UTC -8 AKDT Alaska Daylight Time

Why does Alaska have 2 time zones?

Alaska • Time zones: Hawaii-Aleutian time and Alaska time • Alaska used to have four time zones. In 1983, however, the government consolidated the time zones to two: Hawaii-Aleutian time, which applies to the westernmost Aleutian Islands, and Alaska time for the rest of the state.

What state has the most time zones?

But did you know that Alaska actually has a time zone all its own? This, called the Alaska time zone, covers almost every piece of the state. The exceptions in Alaska are the Aleutian Islands and St.

Do Alaska and Hawaii have the same time zone?

The Hawaii-Aleutian standard time zone, includes the entire State of Hawaii and, in the State of Alaska, that part of the Aleutian Islands that is west of 169 degrees 30 minutes west longitude….Time Zone Boundaries in the United States.


How many time zones are there in Alaska?

Two time zones have been referred to as the “Alaska Time Zone”: a zone based on UTC−10:00 that covered much of Central Alaska in the early 20th century, and a zone based on UTC−09:00 zone that has covered all of the state except the Aleutian Islands since 1983.

When did Alaska change its time zone to Hawaii?

In 1966, the Uniform Time Act renamed the UTC−10 zone to Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time (AHST), effective April 1, 1967. This zone was renamed in 1983 to Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time when the majority of Alaska was moved out of the zone.

What was the Alaska Time Zone before 1983?

This zone was renamed in 1983 to Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time when the majority of Alaska was moved out of the zone. Prior to 1983, the current Alaska Time Zone (UTC−09:00) was known as the Yukon Time Zone, observing Yukon Standard Time (YST).

What time does Anchorage Alaska Time Change?

The Anchorage Metropolitan Area is the largest metropolitan area in the zone. Effective from 2007, the local time changes from AKST to AKDT at 02:00 LST to 03:00 LDT on the second Sunday in March and returns at 02:00 LDT to 01:00 LST on the first Sunday in November.