Does AC filter have to be exact size?

You want your air filter to cover the duct opening. Measure the height and width of the duct opening and allow for a bit of overlap if you have room. This will be the exact size that you need to order for your new air filter.

Can you cut an AC filter to size?

Some manufacturers can even customize the filters for you to fit perfectly when you or your HVAC team puts everything together. Simply put, yes, you can cut an air filter if you know what you are doing, and if the filters you use will not become too weak from the cutting.

What are the sizes of AC filters?

This merely means that your HVAC unit has a filter that is a common size that is mass produced and easily found. For example: 16x20x1, 20x20x1, 16x25x1, 20x20x1 are all standard sized air filters. Every unit has a specific sized filter which allows the it to perform correctly and efficiently.

How do I measure my AC filter?

Follow these 3 easy steps to measure your HVAC filter size:

  1. Step 1 – Measuring Length and Width (L x W). (If your filter is not a square, the smallest measurement goes first).
  2. Step 2 – Measure the thickness (Depth) of your filter from front to back.
  3. Step 3 – Put Your measurements together (L x W x D).

Is it OK if my air filter is too small?

An improperly sized air filter doesn’t do its job. When it’s too small, it lets dust, mold, and other contaminants into your air vents. These then spew into your air, providing air quality problems. Fortunately, the fix is cheap and easy.

What happens if you use the wrong size AC filter?

The biggest concern when you use the wrong size air filter is that it may not effectively prevent dust from building up on your HVAC system’s motors and blowers. This dirties up your furnace which could affect its performance or possibly harm the system’s internal components, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

What happens if AC filter is too small?

An improperly sized air filter doesn’t do its job. When it’s too small, it lets dust, mold, and other contaminants into your air vents. These then spew into your air, providing air quality problems.

What are the different filter sizes?

Furnace Filter Size by Model Number and Brand(With Nominal Sizes and Actual Sizes)

Furnace Filter Size (Nominal) Actual Size Good
10x20x1 9.5 x 19.5 x .75 MERV 8
10x24x1 9.5 x 23.5 x .75 MERV 8
10x30x1 9.5 x 29.5 x .75 MERV 8
12x12x1 11.75 x 11.75 x .75 MERV 8

What is the most common HVAC air filter size?

Currently, the most common size furnace filters are 10×20. But should your system need custom sized air filters, note that we offer custom sizing ranging from 8 x 24 x 1 to 25 x 30 x 1.

Can you use a slightly smaller air filter?

Consequences of Using an Air Filter That is Too Small: The filter can be sucked into the ventilation if it is much smaller than it should be. 2. Dust, allergens and pollutants will not be filtered from your indoor air, as the air is bypassing the filter and entering into the ventilation and is returned back.

Can I use a 1-inch filter instead of 5?

If your system only fits a 1-inch or 2-inch filter, a high MERV rating could be detrimental. A 1-inch filter with less surface space will get clogged fairly quickly and need to be replaced much sooner than a thicker filter.

Can I use a slightly smaller air filter?

Can I use a 1 inch filter instead of 5?

What happens if I put my AC filter in backwards?

By installing your filter backwards, air will have a harder time flowing through the filter and your air handler will have to work harder to make up for the loss of airflow. This could lead to higher utility bills and possibly damage your furnace or air conditioner.

How do filter sizes work?

All filters have an actual size and then a nominal size. The actual size is the exact dimensions with no rounding; whereas, the nominal size is the rounded dimensions of the filter. This means that on 1″ and 2″ air filters, the nominal size does not include the undercut, and the actual size does include the undercut.

What is the difference between 14x18x1 and fiberglass air filters?

14x18x1 pleated air filters are at least 20 times more efficient than fiberglass filters. Filter frames are made of beverage board, which stays strong through humidity and temperatures up to 200° F. Synthetic media provides significantly higher particulate efficiency than standard cotton media.

Are good air filters available at Home Depot?

Good filters at a good price. I have 12 rentals and a bunch of them have odd size filters that are not sold in Home Depot. I love this company, you can order any size and delivery is super quick! I have two indoor cats and this filter cleans my air inside my apartment extremely well and is durable and constructed to last three months.

What is a non-electrostatic air filter?

Available as pleated or flat panels, these non-electrostatic home air filters capture lint and household dust. Outperforms fiberglass air filters for your furnace, air conditioner or HVAC system

Are the filters I ordered from filterbuy any good?

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