What is NSO syllabus?

Section – 1 : Patterns, Odd One Out, Measuring Units, Geometrical Shapes, Spatial Understanding, Grouping, Analogy, Ranking Test, Problems based on Figures. Section – 2 : Living and Non-living Things, Plants, Animals, Human Beings and Their Needs, Good Habits and Safety Rules, Air and Water, Weather and The Sky.

How many subjects are there in NSO?

23rd NSO Syllabus 2020 – 2021

Section No. of Questions Total Marks
Grand Total 50 60
Physics & Chemistry 25 25
Achievers Section 5 15
Mathematics/Biology 20 20

What is the NSO exam?

NSO is an annual scholarship exam that tests students’ scientific reasoning and logical ability. NSO is an annual scholarship exam that tests students’ scientific reasoning and logical ability. SOF NSO result for level 1 will tentatively be announced in December 2022.

What type of questions are asked in NSO?

National Science Olympiad (NSO) Level-1 Pattern

Section No. of Questions Total Marks
Grand Total 35 40
Logical Reasoning 10 10
Science 35 35
Achievers Section 5 15

How can I prepare for NSO?

How To Prepare For NSO:

  1. Understand the pattern of NSO: You can visit the official website to learn the exam pattern for you corresponding class.
  2. Understand the standard of questions:
  3. Know the relevant books:
  4. Practice sample papers:
  5. Enrol in an Olympiad Helper:

How many marks is NSO?

Exam Pattern for NSO

Subject No. of Questions Total Marks
Science 45 (1 mark per question) 45
Achievers section 5 (3 marks per question) 15
Grand Total 50 60
Classes 11 to 12

What is the benefits of NSO exam?

Benefits from NSO Every participant of Level-I is awarded a Certificate of Participation. Students get a chance to be assessed at national/international level and are awarded performance- based Rankings. Top three students of the final round from each class are awarded special Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

What should I study for NSO?

These include MTG class-wise books, SOF Olympiad Trainer’ Mobile Apps, OSDS (Olympiad Skill Development System), Previous Years’ Papers , Olympiads’ Books of Reasoning (for preparation for the reasoning section of Olympiads), E-Quiz and other such books for preparation of logical and reasoning section.

What is the meaning of NSO in school?

NSO or the National Science Olympiad is a competitive exam conducted each year for school students by the Science Olympiad Foundation.

What is the cut off for NSO?

SOF Cut-Off

SOF N.S.O (2019-20) – 1st LEVEL CUT-OFF TOP-5%
CLASS TOTAL MARKS Science (Math/Bio) [M4]
11 32 16
12 33 10

How many students appear in NSO?

Around 10 lakh students register for NSO every year.

How do I qualify for NSO?

There are no specific NSO exam eligibility criteria for Level 1. Students of classes 1 to 12 can appear for the level 1 Olympiad exam. There are no criteria for the minimum marks obtained by students in their academics. The NOS exam is open for school students studying in classes 1 to 12.

What is NSO full form?

National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) Becomes National Statistical Office (NSO) The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) merged with the Central Statistical Office (CSO) to form the National Statistical Office (NSO). On 23rd May 2019, the Government of India has approved the merger of NSSO and CSO.

How many students appear for NSO?