What is ProMotive com?

“ProMotive.com was created as a way to connect companies with influential brand advocates online,” creators say on the site. “Each team you join gives you access to different brands. Brands decide which teams they give access to and what the discount is.”

Do veterans qualify for ExpertVoice?

All members of all U.S. Armed Service branches, including veterans, qualify for exclusive access and discounts up to 60% off from top tactical, hunting and outdoor brands.

What happened to ExpertVoice?

We’ve temporarily shut down our USA distribution centers, but are still accepting orders from Experts at ExpertVoice. Shipping will be significantly delayed but we are working hard to fulfill everything we can. Please be patient with us, stay safe, and keep on riding.

How long does it take to get approved on ExpertVoice?

one to three business days
This usually takes one to three business days, and once you’re approved we’ll send you an email to unlock your full ExpertVoice access. Once you receive a confirmation email, you’re all set and will start seeing brands on your feed.

What brands are part of ExpertVoice?

Through the ExpertVoice platform you can now enhance member value and reach by connecting members to brands like Brooks, Garmin, Vortex, Purina, and more.

How do I get ExpertVoice?

Signing up to be an expert and gaining brand access on ExpertVoice is easy. Just go to ExpertVoice.com where you’ll see a sign-up form. All we need is your name and email, and you’re good to go! If you have a group code, feel free to enter it when you sign up.

How can I get ExpertVoice discount?

Free signup for all Law Enforcement Professionals Law Enforcement Members get access to discounts of up to 60% off top tactical, hunting and outdoor brands. Sign up for free and see what perks your experience, knowledge and service unlock. Already a member of ExpertVoice? Sign in here.

How do I join ExpertVoice?

Prove it by verifying an official email, providing a member ID, uploading an official document, or sharing a photo. If you don’t belong to an organization, but you are a passionate expert and think you belong, you can fill out an application that will be reviewed. If you qualify then you’ll get in.

Why are there no brands on ExpertVoice?

To gain access to brands on ExpertVoice, you’re going to have to join a group, or as we say, affiliate. Affiliations are key to everything you do on ExpertVoice.

How do I get ExpertVoice affiliation?

Does Garmin have ExpertVoice?

Garmin Retail Experts Are you an employee at one of Garmin’s retail partners? If so, you’re invited to join ExpertVoice, where you get insider knowledge and access to Garmin’s products at incentive pricing.

What is ExpertVoice discount?

If you’re an industry professional, sales associate, or influencer who people trust for advice, ExpertVoice is for you. Here, you can join an elite community who gets exclusive access to your favorite products at up to 60% off MSRP.

How do you get experticity?

Want in? See if you qualify today, it’s easy.

  1. Sign up for free & find a team that matches your expertise.
  2. Build your Expert profile.
  3. Connect with the right brands for your expertise + other passions.
  4. Get hooked up with insider access to brands’ stories, technology and products.

What does a military promotion mean?

A military promotion is a major achievement for a service members. It’s a nod to their commitment, how well they do their job, and their leadership capabilities. As service members move up in rank, the military promotions tend to become more meaningful. Like all other industries, higher rank means increased responsibility and usually a bump in pay.

Are You Always Ready for promotion in the military?

A good way to ensure you’re always ready for promotion is to maintain your level of fitness. The military is all about ensuring you maintain a solid “fighting weight” and remain as healthy as possible throughout your entire career.

What is a duty performance point in the Army?

Army soldiers receive “duty performance points” anytime they demonstrate core qualities expected of the next rank such as competence, military bearing and leadership. Soldiers are qualified for the next rank and Army pinning after collecting a certain number of duty performance points.

What can prevent you from being promoted in the military?

Driving under the influence, committing a felony, failing training programs, or not meeting the minimum standards of the military are among the items that can prevent you from being promoted.