How do you address a Deputy Lord-Lieutenant?

Correct forms of address for the Lord-Lieutenant If the Lord-Lieutenant is represented by her Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, the above etiquette should be adapted accordingly, i.e., ‘Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant’, ‘Dear Deputy Lieutenant’.

Do deputy lieutenants wear uniform?

Deputy Lieutenants may wear a similar uniform to that of the Lord-Lieutenant, though those with former military service, in the rank of colonel or above (and its RN and RAF equivalents), may opt to wear the uniform of their service.

How do you address a letter to a Lord-Lieutenant?

The correct forms of address for the Lord-Lieutenant are:

  1. Written: Nigel Atkinson Esq, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire.
  2. Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant.
  3. In a Speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is referred to as ‘Lord-Lieutenant’ A speech might begin ‘Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen’

Who is the Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire?

Lord Shuttleworth has been Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Lancashire since 1997 and was Chairman of the Association of Lord-Lieutenants from 2008 to 2018. He also holds a number of appointments in the charitable and voluntary sector.

What rank is a Lord-Lieutenant?

A lord-lieutenant (UK: /lɛfˈtɛnənt/ lef-TEN-ənt) is the British monarch’s personal representative in each lieutenancy area of the United Kingdom. Historically, each lieutenant was responsible for organising the county’s militia. In 1871, the lieutenant’s responsibility over the local militia was removed.

What Honour is a DL?

Deputy Lieutenants (DLs) are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant, at his discretion, to assist him in his duties.

Who are the deputy lieutenants of Lancashire?

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire, The Lord Shuttleworth KG KCVO, is delighted to announce his appointment of Mrs Louise Cooper BEM, as a Deputy Lieutenant of the County.

Who is the Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and wear?

This is a complete list of people who have served as Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear, since the creation of the county on 1 April 1974: ^ “Lord-Lieutenant for Tyne and Wear: Susan Margaret Winfield”.

What is the role of a Lord Lieutenant?

The office of the Lord-Lieutenant was created by Henry VIII and originally a military role. The Lord-Lieutenant was responsible for keeping order and managing local defence through military resources. In 1569, Lord-Lieutenants were given the opportunity to appoint deputies.

What does a Lord-Lieutenant do?

Lord-Lieutenants also have a connection with other uniformed organisations such as the police, fire and ambulance services and a wider role in the community working with voluntary organisations. Lord-Lieutenants have always had an association with – and a close link to – the magistracy.