What is youth work methodology?

The youth work approach is person-centered, empowers young people and transfers easily into different contexts. Its practice is informed by a set of values 7 that include young people opting in voluntarily, creativity and reflection, respect, equity, diversity, independence and many others.

What is statutory youth work?

The Youth Service is composed of a voluntary sector and a statutory sector. The statutory sector is under the control of the Education Authority and consists of a number of youth clubs and outdoor education centres, the voluntary sector is by far the larger sector and is composed of many different organisations.

Who are the stakeholders in youth work?

Stakeholders are all the individuals or groups interest in the progress and results of your project. Stakeholders could be your donors, members of the public, the group of young people you are working with, the wider community, the media and also political authorities working in the youth sector.

What is detached youth work?

In Summary – Detached youth work is a method of youth work delivery, which enables workers to make contact with young people and positively influence their lives by engaging them in a programme of informal social education, in places where young people choose to meet, away from traditional youth work venues.

What are three things you think are most important when working with youth?

There are many desirable qualities you may wish to look for but here are some of the most important ones..

  • Time to offer the youth group and its members.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Patience and common sense.
  • A positive view of young people.
  • An understanding of young people.
  • A sense of humour.

What qualities should a youth worker have?

Considering Child and Youth Worker Training? 4 Qualities That Could Mean You’re Suited to the Job

  • Patience is Important When You Become a Child and Youth Worker.
  • Child and Youth Workers Know that Good Communication Helps Build Trust.
  • Flexibility is Key When Working with Children and Youth in Need.

What are stakeholders in community services?

Who are community stakeholders? They are generally defined as people, groups, organizations or businesses that have interest or concern in the community. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the community’s actions, objectives and policies.

Who is a stakeholder in child protection?

Children, youth, and families are key stakeholders in evaluating the effectiveness of child welfare agencies, including the assessment phase of the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) process and the development, implementation, and evaluation of State Program Improvement Plans.

What makes a good youth worker?

The most fundamental trait which prospective youth workers need is the ability to communicate clearly. This not only includes the ability to clearly verbalise the help and advice you are passing on to those you work with, but also the capacity to listen to others and properly take in what they are saying.

What are the responsibilities of a youth worker?

Youth worker: job description

  • setting up and running projects.
  • mentoring or counselling individual young people.
  • managing budgets.
  • applying for project funding.
  • maintaining confidential records.
  • writing and presenting reports.
  • recruiting and managing staff, including volunteers.

What is the difference between outreach and detached youth work?

Detached means working where the young people are, and outreach aims to engage with young people and then support them into centre or building-based provision.

Why is detached youth work important?

What is the youth work strategy for Wales?

This strategy sets out a shared vision for the future of youth work in Wales. The high-level principles set out in this document have been co-developed with young people and the youth work sector. The strategy identifies a series of actions that will move us closer to our long-term goals and will be supported by an Implementation Plan.

Who needs to register as a youth worker in Wales?

Since April 2017, youth support workers and youth workers who provide services for or on behalf of a local authority, school, further education institution or voluntary organisation in Wales and who hold qualifications set out in the Welsh Government legislation need to be registered with the EWC.

How can we improve youth work provision?

• pilot a formal mechanism and principles for establishing sufficient levels of youth work provision at a local level, and roll it out on a national basis.

What is the strategic direction of the youth work strategy?

The strategic direction proposed in this strategy is the product of detailed discussion with young people and youth work stakeholders at all levels of the system. Their positive engagement in this process and valued contributions have directly shaped a mutually agreed way forward.