How long does it take to go through the Dillon Ice Castles?

Even though ticket times are 30 min, you can wander freely inside as long as you like. If your kids are riding the ice slides (free,) plan for a solid 30-45 min visit.

How long does it take to go thru the Ice Castles?

45 minutes, max. It might take longer if you wait in line for the slides on a busy evening.

Why did Ice Castles Dillon close?

“We simply ran out of time. This late in the fall, it just wasn’t going to come together in time with all of the challenges that were presented.” The previous location for the Ice Castles, Dillon’s Town Park, is no longer an option, according to Kerstin Anderson, spokesman for the Town of Dillon.

How much are the Ice Castles in Dillon?

General tickets go on sale Friday morning on the Ice Castles website. Pre-sale tickets have already been available since early December. General tickets for 12 and up cost $17.99 Mondays through Thursdays and $22.99 Fridays through Sundays.

How many Ice Castles are in Colorado?

We have five locations, each with unique designs and features. Explore our locations below! * All dates are weather dependent and they may change. Please check this website for updates and more information.

Why are there no Ice Castles in Colorado?

Ice Castles “weren’t really able to make it happen this year more because of timing and where we are at, already coming up on the ’21-’22 season,” Silverthorne marketing manager Kristina Nayden said. “With so many entities involved, we were just running out of time.”

Where is the largest ice castle in the world?

The SnowCastle of Kemi (Finnish: Kemin lumilinna) is the biggest snow fort in the world. It is rebuilt every winter with a different architecture in Kemi, Finland. In 1996 the first snow castle drew 300,000 visitors. For several years the snowcastle was located in the Kemi city harbor.

How much are the Dillon Ice Castles?

General tickets for 12 and up cost $17.99 Mondays through Thursdays and $22.99 Fridays through Sundays. Child tickets cost $12.99 Mondays through Thursdays and $17.99 Fridays through Sundays.

What can I bring to the ice hotel?

Loan of warm outer clothing; snowsuit, boots, gloves and balaclava is included when staying with us. In addition, you should pack thermal underwear (preferably wool), breathable layer clothing, plenty of socks (again, preferably wool, rather than cotton or synthetic), and a warm hat.

Why did the Ice Castles in Colorado close?

The award-winning attraction, Ice Castles, will NOT be returning to Dillon this 2021-2022 winter season. This is due to space limitations and construction their usual location in the Town Park.