How fast does a Lynx scooter go?

How fast do they go and how much do they cost: Lynx electric scooters can reach up to 15 mph. Rentals start at $1 to unlock and as low as . 15 per minute depending on your area.

How do Lynx scooters charge?

The battery charging port is located on the battery box under the seat and you can plug the wall power cord into the port while the batteries are on the scooter or you can remove the battery box and charge the batteries away from the scooter.

How do you use a Lynx scooter?

Electric Scooter Rental Lynx Electric Scooters Are Available To Rent Through Our Mobile App. Users May Search And Unlock A Lynx Scooter For $1 To Start Their Ride. Simply Scan The Code On The Scooter To Roll With Lynx.

Can you charge a mobility scooter battery with a car charger?

You must not use a car-type charger for these batteries: it would permanently damage them. The charger supplied with the vehicle is designed for the purpose.

Do I need to register a mobility scooter with DVLA?

You don’t need a licence to drive a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, but you may have to register it with DVLA. Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs come in 2 categories: ‘Class 2 invalid carriages’ – these can’t be used on the road (except where there isn’t a pavement) and have a maximum speed of 4mph.

What makes the Lynx L-3 the best travel scooter?

The Lynx L-3 has many great features such as solid tires, on or off board battery charging, and connect -free drop-in battery pack. The 360 degree swivel seat and 250 lb. weight capacity, as well as an attractive price, make this the travel scooter of choice for many people on the go!

How long does it take to ship a lynx L-3 scooter?

Free Shipping! Ships within 1-2 Days* The three-wheeled Lynx L-3 scooter takes portability to a new level. the L-3 model will do the rest! With an estimated seven-mile range, a plug-in battery charger and flat-free tires, consumers can plan their schedule around what they want to do, not around the limitations of their scooter.

What is the warranty for the Invacare® Lynx™ L-3 & Invacare® L-4 scooters?

1 GENERAL Part No. 11432055Invacare® Lynx™ L-3 & Invacare® Lynx™ L-4 Scooters 1.2 Limited Warranty This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser/user of our products. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

What type of battery does the Lynx L-3 or L-4 use?

The Lynx L-3 and Lynx L-4 powered scooters are designed to use two 12 volt, 12-Amp-hour (12 AH) batteries. Recommended battery type is spill proof and requires no maintenance except routine charging. Charge batteries daily. DO NOT allow batteries to completely discharge.