How do I claim personal accident insurance AIA?

Submit your claim application via email to [email protected]. All attachment in the email must be in PDF format. Important Notes: 1) Please submit Inpatient Discharge Summary, Final Bills and Receipts (interim bills are not acceptable).

What is AIA Solitaire Personal accident?

AIA Solitaire Personal Accident is a personal accident plan that provides financial assistance with the costs associated with accidental injuries, disability and death for adults aged 16 to 65 (at the point of application) and may be renewed yearly until the age of 74. This policy provides 24/7 worldwide coverage.

Can I claim 2 personal accident insurance?

Unfortunately, unless you want to claim under Personal Accident insurance benefits, you won’t be able to claim from multiple insurance policies for the same accident and we are only responsible to pay the portion in which the other insurance policy does not pay.

Does accident plan cover food poisoning?

Personal Accident insurance is there to protect you from death and bodily injury as a result of accident. Some policies have gone on to include medical cover for illnesses and infectious diseases contracted by the Insured such as avian influenza, dengue fever and food poisoning.

Can I claim TCM with AIA?

AN ARRAY OF REIMBURSEMENTS FOR ACCIDENTS We’ll reimburse the cost of hospitalisation, treatment, nursing, ambulance use as well as the service of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and chiropractor.

What is covered under personal accident insurance?

A personal accident insurance policy is a type of general insurance that provides benefits in the case of accidental death, disability and injury. The benefits usually cover all phases of suffering an accident, from evacuation to hospitalisation and treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

Which is not covered in personal accident?

Some of the major exclusions include suicide, self-injuries, natural death, pre-existing disability, childbirth or pregnancy, non-allopathic treatments, the influence of intoxicants, and suffering from any mental disorders.

What is accidental injury example?

Falls, cuts, burns, road accidents, bites, stings, and drowning are examples of accidental injuries. Accidents can happen at any time and accidental injury is a significant cause of death.

What can you claim personal accident insurance?

Income benefits In such scenarios, a personal accident plan will be able to protect you from accident-related medical bills as well as provide compensation to make up for lost wages. This is through paying a daily hospitalisation benefit and/or a lump sum payout.

Does personal accident premium increase with age?

No, the premiums for Personal Accident policies will not increase with age.

Which insurance can claim TCM?

Medical expenses for TCM treatments are claimable under WICA only if the TCM treatment is performed at restructured and private hospitals, which are licensed under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (Cap.

What is AIA deductible?

What is deductible? Deductible is a fixed amount you have to pay for the medical expenses incurred as cost sharing. You have to pay the first RM300 out of the eligible expenses for any one disability, and we will pay for the rest of the eligible expenses.

Can we claim insurance for blood test?

Yes, various medical tests are covered under the family mediclaim policy. These tests include blood tests, stool tests, CT scans, X-rays, sonography, MRI, and so on. However, a proper prescription is required and the test must be a part of the treatment of an ailment mentioned in your health insurance policy.

What is a personal accident claim?

A personal injury claim is a legal case you can open if you’ve been hurt in an accident and it was someone else’s fault. It’s the formal process of recovering compensation from the other party, who was responsible for your injury. This will usually come from their insurance company.