Do stair runners need stair rods?

Stair runners are purely decorative and it is essential to fit your stair runner using gripper rods. Gripper rods come in both medium- and short-pin depending on the thickness of the carpet being fitted. You will need one length of gripper for each riser and one for each tread.

Are stair rods a good idea?

Stair rods complement your runner A bit like fish and chips, stair rods and stair runners just belong together. Providing a unified, stylish and highly professional-looking finish, the right stair rods will perfectly complement your runner, making it look more high-end and expensive.

What size stair rods do I need?

So, a simple rule of thumb for runner rods, is to measure the width of your stair runner and then just add 10cm. This extra allows for the brackets and the finial plus a small piece of rod on the other side of the bracket.

Do you put a stair rod on the bottom step?

We recommend fitting a stair rod on the bottom step. The bracket should sit on the staircase itself, directly alongside the carpet. Make bradawl guide holes for the screws and then screw the bottom half of the bracket to the stair.

Can you put stair rods on carpet?

#3: Stair rods are not used to secure carpet That means that while they serve no technical function, they do give your staircase a fantastic sense of character and style. If you’ve been planning to secure your stair carpet using stair rods, we’d recommend you discuss alternatives with a professional.

Do you put stair rod on bottom step?

What length are stair rods?


10mm (⅜”) 75mm (3″) to allow 37.5mm (1 ½”) each side
12.5 mm (½”) 100mm (4″) to allow 50mm (2″) each side
16 mm (⅝”) 125mm (5″) to allow 62.5mm (2 ½”) each side
19 mm (¾”) 150mm (6″) to allow 75mm (3″) each side

Are stair rods easy to fit?

Stair rods make the ultimate finishing touch to your newly-fitted stair runner. Elegant and timeless, they help instantly add a beautiful, classic look to your home and are incredibly easy to install and DIY-friendly.

How do you install a stair rod?

Screw the bottom half of the bracket to the stair and then repeat for the bracket on the other side of your runner. Attach the finials to the stair rod. Lay the stair rod in the brackets, ensuring it is protruding an equal amount on each end. Screw the top half of the bracket to the bottom on each side of your runner.

How are stair rods fitted?

Generally, your stair rod should measure 10-15cm longer than the width of your stair runner carpet, but make sure you are factoring in the added length of the finials before you start cutting. To cut your stair rod, simply remove the finials, measure to the desired length and cut using a hacksaw.

Is it easy to fit stair rods?

For an experienced DIY person, the installation of stair rods is pretty straightforward. The hinged brackets should sit on the staircase itself, alongside your runner. Make bradawl guide holes for the screws in the step and riser and fix the bottom section of the bracket on both sides of the runner.

Can you cut stair rods for stair runners?

Can you put stair rods over carpet?

For fully fitted carpets (from one side of your staircase to the other), when using the Front Fix design of stair rod, the half brackets simply fix over the front of the centred rod. Then screw them in through the carpet, tightening them up once you are happy the rod is centred.

Do you put padding under stair runner?

From looking at the typical runner and pad, it would appear that it is a continuous piece as it snakes from the top floor down. However, to fit well, padding needs to be fitted and placed perfectly on each stair tread so it doesn’t slip around under the fabric of the runner.

How to install a handsome stair runner?

– Smooth the rug over the next tread. Use a bolster chisel to press the rug tightly underneath the nose. – Staple the rug every three inches and be sure that the each of the outer edges is stapled. – Continue stapling the runner to the base of the riser and underneath the nose for each stair until you get to end of the rug.

How good is stair running for runners?

Build and tone and muscle

  • No need of any special equipment
  • May be incorporated at any point throughout the day
  • Burns fat and calories
  • Increases heart rate
  • Builds lower body muscle mass
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Increases stamina and energy
  • How to install stair runners using regular runner rugs?

    Measure and cut a piece of carpet to the appropriate length. Because it requires specialized sewing equipment and knowledge,have the edges bound by a professional.

  • Mark the location on each step where the runner will rest.
  • Cut a piece of padding to fit on each step.
  • Roll up the carpet,and lay it a few steps above the bottom.
  • How to fit stair runners to winding stairs?


  • Carpet-cutting knife (not an all-purpose utility knife)
  • Measuring tape
  • Yardstick or metal straightedge
  • Marker or chalk
  • Tackless carpet strips
  • Hammer
  • Small saw
  • Small box of carpet tacks