What do you write on a wedding invitation message?

Informal Greetings and Phrases

  1. You are invited to the wedding of _____
  2. You are invited to celebrate the marriage of _____
  3. Your presence is requested at the wedding of _____
  4. _____ request the pleasure of your company at their wedding.
  5. _____ joyfully invite you to share in a celebration of love and commitment.

How do you invite to a wedding that is clarified?

To make this clear, address your invitations to EXACTLY who is invited (Mr. John Doe vs. The Doe Family). You can also add a line to your RSVP cards that indicates how many seats you have reserved in their honor.

How do you invite to a wedding in English?

With the joy of our hearts, we (groom’s name) & (bride’s name) invite you all to our wedding ceremony join (date) at (place) by (time). Our wedding reception is going to be held at (wedding reception venue). 13. (Bride’s name) & (groom’s name) will get married on the (date).

How do you announce a wedding on social media?

20 Cute Captions For Your “Just Married” Photos On Social Media

  1. 1) Taken…with all my heart and soul!
  2. 2) Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. #
  3. 3) You are the “every day of my life” that I have always dreamt of.
  4. 4) Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after! #

How do newlyweds get announced?

Sticking to first names is probably the simplest way to skirt around this introduction issue. Announcements could be: “For the first time as husband and wife, John and Jane!” or for gender-neutral versions: “For the first time as a married couple, John and Joe!” or even “Now introducing the newlyweds, Jane and Joan!”

How do you invite someone to a wedding?

A traditional wedding invitation would typically come from the parents of the bride, as tradition dictates that they host the day and foot the bill. On a traditional wedding invite, you’ll start with details of the church wedding ceremony followed by the reception details.

Will you accept our invitation to attend the wedding of (names)?

◊ Friends, please accept our cordial invitation to attend the wedding of (names.) ◊ With full hearts, (names) invite you, our most gracious friends, to celebrate our joy as we are united in marriage. ◊ We hope that as our wonderful friends, you will come and feel the love as (names) are united in marriage.

How do you word a wedding invitation for both parents?

This is an increasingly popular way to word your wedding invitations. For formal invitations from both sets of parents, you would use both their names: If you feel like having both sets of parents’ names on there is a bit clunky, you can word it slightly more informally.

Can you put children as hosts on wedding invitations?

Wedding Invitation Wording with Your Children as Hosts This is a cute idea if you and your partner have children together already, or have children from previous relationships that you want to include on your wedding invitations.