What do you mean by deprecated?

Deprecated means, generally, that something is acknowledged but discouraged. In IT, deprecation means that although something is available or allowed, it is not recommended or that, in the case where something must be used, to say it is deprecated means that its failings are recognized.

What can I say instead of match?


  • bout,
  • competition,
  • contest,
  • event,
  • game,
  • matchup,
  • meet,
  • sweepstakes.

What word can replace obsolete?

Some common synonyms of obsolete are ancient, antiquated, antique, archaic, old, and venerable.

What is it called when things dont match?

dissonant Add to list Share. If things don’t go together well, you can call them dissonant. Dissonant voices are saying different things. Dissonant clothing choices clash.

How do you use deprecated in a sentence?

He deprecated the practice of trying to conduct government by question and answer. The spreading of wild rabbits is strongly deprecated. Discussion has been deprecated because the situation is said to be delicate. My feeling is that hand signals are to be deprecated.

Is it deprecated or depreciated?

“Depreciated” means “has less value than its original value”. “Deprecated” means to expressly disprove of and was popularised due to misspellings in two technical articles where the authors used deprecated without an “i”.

What is the same meaning of compatibility?

well suited, suited, well matched, like-minded, of the same mind, in agreement, in tune, in harmony, reconcilable. archaic accordant. incompatible.

Is Mathing a word?

mathing – The activity of actively doing math (mentally, verbally, visually, kinesthetically, and in writing); from the infinitive “to math”.

What is the word for making something obsolete?

Also “deprecate” usually means intentionally making something as obsolete so that people stop using it.

What is the verb form of obsolescence?

verb (used with object), ob·so·let·ed, ob·so·let·ing. to make obsolete by replacing with something newer or better; antiquate: Automation has obsoleted many factory workers.

How do you describe two things that don’t go together?

Technically, if they don’t mix (eg, as oil and water don’t mix) they are immiscible. Pancakes and ketchup are incompatible. They have irreconcilable differences (or simply, they are irreconcilable).

When two things Cannot exist together?

not compatible; unable to exist together in harmony: She asked for a divorce because they were utterly incompatible. contrary or opposed in character; discordant: incompatible colors. that cannot coexist or be conjoined.

What part of speech is deprecated?

transitive verb

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: depreciates, depreciating, depreciated
definition 1: to lower the cost or value of, esp. of property for tax purposes, or of money. The government depreciated its currency. synonyms: deflate, devalue similar words: depress, reduce, slash

How do you use deprecate in a sentence?

How to use Deprecate in a sentence

  1. I would strongly deprecate the former, for reasons which I will give.
  2. We also deprecate the exaggerated language in which Mr.
  3. I do not deprecate the existence of sects in the world.

What is it called when software is retired?

Application retirement, also called application decommissioning and application sunsetting, is the practice of shutting down redundant or obsolete business applications while retaining access to the historical data.

What is the vocabulary of compatibility?

compatibility Add to list Share. Compatibility has to do with how people or things get along. A married couple should have a lot of compatibility; people who always argue don’t have any. Compatibility is a huge issue in life. Every person has compatibility with some people and a lack of compatibility with others.

What is the verb for compatible?

To make, or show to be, compatible. reconcile.

Is Mathe a valid Scrabble word?

MATHE is not a valid scrabble word.

What is the word for making something redundant?

Definition of make redundant : to dismiss (a person who is no longer needed) from a job More than 200 of the company’s employees have already been made redundant.

What is obsolete technology?

Obsolete refers to outdated computer hardware, software, technology, services or practices that are no longer used, even if they are in working condition. A technology often becomes obsolete when replaced by a newer or better technology.