Can you solo underdome?

As for doing them solo, I know its fairly easy to do on Hell-Burbia as there’s a spot you can jump up to (above the stack of crates) where the enemies cannot reach you. As long as you have a class mod that regenerates whatever ammo you use (I prefer sniper rifles in those situations), you’ll be fine.

How long is Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 27 2h 46m
Main + Extras 6 5h 09m
Completionists 15 7h 02m
All PlayStyles 48 4h 24m

What level is Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot?

level 15
You see, “Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot” (at the very least) requires that your character is at or around level 15. Otherwise, as the game warns, you’re in for a real challenge.

How many rounds are in the underdome?

You get a series of three arenas in which waves of enemies come at you in breathless formations. Five waves make up a round, and five rounds make up each arena’s tournament.

Does the underdome scale?

The Underdome appearently scales the enemies spawned in the arenas to the level you arrived in the Underdome. So, here’s the tip: level up your character through challenges. As long as you don’t fast travel, the enemies will remain at the level you came in with.

Is Mad Moxxi in Borderlands 1?

Moxxi does not appear in-person in Tales from the Borderlands, but her voice is heard in the first episode, Zer0 Sum, when Zer0 speaks to her over Echo after killing Bossonova.

How do you get to The Underdome bank in Borderlands?

The bank is located in The Underdome. Access to the bank is achieved by talking to the Claptrap in the tuxedo, who acts as the cashier.

How do I get to Mad Moxxi’s Underdome?

The DLC can be accessed in-game by using the Fast Travel system and heading for the starting location of The Underdome. The gameplay consists of rounds and waves. Each round consists of five waves ending with a Boss wave. Every round brings an increased difficulty level.

Does DLC scale Borderlands 1?

The DLC scales to your level+2 once you complete Playthrough 2 of the main story.

Does Borderlands scale with level?

The extent of level scaling varies between games. For the most part you’ll see enemies scaled to your level at relevant points along the game. The first Borderlands introduced single-player level scaling in playthrough 2.5, and aside from Crawmerax, all enemies, regardless of location, did level with the player.

Who killed lucky Zaford?

If you don’t immediately start wreaking havoc and shooting the Holy Spirits up, you’ll pick up some details. The Zafords talk about how an ex-Hodunk killed Lucky by a creek, and that’s where a lot of the conflict between the two clans started. This ex-Hodunk, obviously is Scooter.

Is Scooter moxxi’s son?

Moxxi has been married at least three times to different husbands. She mothered a son, Scooter, with Jimbo Hodunk presumably back when she was part of the Hodunk clan. Mr. Shank from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is officially her second as she “mourns” the death of her “second husband” after Mr.

Is Ellie moxxi’s daughter?

Ellie is an NPC introduced in Borderlands 2. She is Mad Moxxi’s daughter and Scooter’s sister, and is the mechanic that introduces the Bandit Technical.