What is the world record for the fastest 400?

43.03 seconds
The current men’s world record is held by Wayde van Niekerk of South Africa, with a time of 43.03 seconds. Van Niekerk is also the Olympic record holder. Steven Gardiner is the reigning Olympic Champion and World Champion. The world indoor record holder is Michael Norman, in 44.52 seconds.

What is the fastest 400 meter time women’s?

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Rank Mark Competitor
1 47.60 Marita KOCH
2 47.99 Jarmila KRATOCHVÍLOVÁ
3 48.14 Salwa Eid NASER
4 48.25 Marie-José PÉREC

How many laps is a 400 meter run?

one lap
The 400m race is exactly one lap of a standard outdoor running track.

What is a good 400 meter time for 40 year old?

Average for a male under 40 might be 70 to 80 seconds for 400 m. 70-80secs is nice going. Plenty of runners would be happy with that.

What is the fastest 400 meter time high school?

Event Record Date
400 meters 44.69 July 24, 1982
400 meters 45.19 April 28, 2012
400 meters 45.25 June 19, 1993
440 yards 45.8 1973

What is the fastest high school 4×100 time?

High School – Men’s 4×100 Relay Rankings

Athlete Mark
1. Ireon Brown Kary Vincent Hull Xavier DeAndrea Angelle 39.80
2. Relay Team 40.01
3. Caleb Jolivette Kameron Scott Aaron Johnson Jaren Colbert 40.08
4. Josh West Chris Mills Shawn Richburg Kenyon Morgan 40.14

What is the world record for the 400m?

From 1975, the IAAF accepted separate automatically electronically timed records for events up to 400 metres. Starting January 1, 1977, the IAAF required fully automatic timing to the hundredth of a second for these events. Lee Evans’ 1968 Olympic gold medal victory time of 43.86 was the fastest recorded result to that time.

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When was the first world record for the 400m freestyle set?

The first world record in the men’s 400 metres freestyle in long course (50 metres) swimming was recognised by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1908.