What happened between Jason and Sam on General Hospital?

After Jake’s rescue, Jason found out she’d been lying to him and they split up. Sam tried to take revenge by seducing Liz’s ex-husband, Lucky Spencer, but once he found out about her part in Jake’s kidnapping, they broke up.

When did Sam and Jason start dating?

Jason’s love life has been a big topic on ‘General Hospital’ They first got together in 2004 and had a rollercoaster relationship. However, Jason and Sam parted ways in December 2020 after Sam realized she did not want herself and her kids to be involved in Jason’s dangerous mob lifestyle.

Does Sam still love Jason on General Hospital?

Sam has to choose between two Jasons However, it turned out that Sam really did like living the non-mob life with Drew where her children were safer. She tearfully broke things off with Jason in 2020, he ended up deciding that he always loved Carly after all, and he married her when Sonny was presumed dead.

How many times has Jason been married on GH?

Jason Morgan (General Hospital)

Half-sisters Skye Quartermaine (adoptive) Dawn Winthrop Emily Quartermaine (adoptive)
Spouse Brenda Barrett (2002–2003) Courtney Matthews (2003–2004) Sam McCall (2011–2018)
Sons Jake Webber Danny Morgan
Grandparents Edward Quartermaine Lila Quartermaine

Who’s the new guy on General Hospital?

Cody Bell made his debut on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the June 1 episode in dramatic fashion, and some soap fans might find the guy a little familiar.

What happened to Sam and Jason on General Hospital?

In early 2009, Sam and Jason are inside General Hospital when it is locked down again due to an outbreak of a bio toxin. The two teamed up to rescue Spinelli when the hospital starts to burn down. Later in the year, Sam helps Jason and Spinelli after they are entrapped by the FBI.

What does JaSam stand for on General Hospital?

Jason and Sam Morgan (commonly known by their portmanteau “JaSam”) are fictional characters and a supercouple from the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital. They are known to be one of daytime’s most popular supercouples.

Is General Hospital about to run out of episodes?

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