How many Ramsar sites are there in Iran?

The Islamic Republic of Iran has 24 sites designated as wetlands of international importance (Ramsar sites) out of 2,290 worldwide. Of Iran’s 24 sites about one third are under pressure or in a critical condition. Wetlands are vital for biodiversity.

How many Ramsar sites are in Pakistan?

19 sites
Globally there are 2247 Ramsar sites with total area of 214,958,432 ha, including 19 sites of Pakistan.

Which country has highest Ramsar sites in world?

the United Kingdom
The countries with the most Ramsar Sites are the United Kingdom (175) and Mexico (142), as per the Ramsar List. Bolivia has the largest area with 148,000 sq km under the Convention protection. Canada, Chad, Congo and the Russian Federation have also each designated over 100,000 sq km.

Which Ramsar sites added in 2020?

In 2020, the following sites were added to the Ramsar Sites of India List: December 2020 – The Tso Kar Wetland Complex was added to the list of Ramsar sites in India. This includes the high-altitude wetland complex of two connected lakes, Startsapuk Tso and Tso Kar, in Ladakh. November 2020 – Maharashtra – Lonar Lake.

How many Ramsar sites are there in Balochistan?

Ramsar Convention wetland sites

Site Code Name Province
2PK009 Astola (Haft Talar) Island Balochistan
2PK002 Chashma Barrage Punjab
2PK017 Deh Akro-II Desert Wetland Complex Sindh
2PK007 Drigh Lake Sindh

Which is Ramsar site in Pakistan?

1. KEENJHAR (KALRI) LAKE. Keenjhar also known as Kalri Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Pakistan. It has length of about 24 km, width 6 km and capacity of 0.53 million acre feet.

How many Ramsar are there in Punjab?

RAMSAR Wetland Sites

Sl. No. Name of Site State Location
29 Kanjli Lake Punjab
30 Keshopur-Miani Community Reserve Punjab
31 Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary Punjab
32 Ropar Lake Punjab

Which country has the lowest number of Ramsar Sites?

170 of the contracting parties have designated at least one Ramsar site, and 31 of the contracting countries have only one site. The country with the most sites is the United Kingdom with 175….List of parties to the Ramsar Convention.

Country Albania
Region Europe
Entry date 29 February 1996
Ramsar sites 4
Area hectares 98,181

Which is the world’s largest wetland?

the Pantanal
Situated in the heart of South America, the Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland. At 42 million acres, the Pantanal covers an area slightly larger than England and sprawls across three countries—Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

How many Ramsar sites are there in Punjab?

How many Ramsar Sites are there in Balochistan?

What country is home to 25% of the world’s wetlands?

Canada is home to 25 per cent of world’s wetlands. That’s more than any other country. In Canada, some classes of wetlands include fresh and saltwater marshes, peatlands, swamps, bogs, sloughs and seasonally flooded forests.

Which is the world’s largest 2 points wetland *?

Pantanal (South America) Was this answer helpful?

Which is the largest wetland in world?