What stat does Jett use?

Jett’s Primary stat is DEX (Dexterity). With high dexterity and mobility, Jett uses guns and the extraterrestrial technology she salvaged in her bounty hunting days to obliterate those who stand against her.

What is Jett MapleStory?

Jett is a special branch of the Explorer Pirate class, much like Cannoneer. She was first released in Global MapleStory in the MapleStory: Renegades update. She uses a Gun as her primary weapon and a Fist as a secondary weapon.

Is Jett worth playing?

Jett is easily the best duelist in VALORANT, providing incredible value when used correctly. Players can outmaneuver opponents with ease, escaping danger or positioning themselves for easy kills.

Which gun is best for Jett?

Jett’s Best Weapons

  • Ghost.
  • Stinger.
  • Spectre.
  • Phantom.
  • Ares.

What is Jett ultimate?

If Jett is standing still, she will propel forward. Ultimate Ability — Blade Storm (7 Points): EQUIP a set of highly accurate throwing knives that recharge on killing an opponent. FIRE to throw a single knife at your target. ALTERNATE FIRE to throw all remaining daggers at your target.

Why Did Jett get nerfed?

Why was Tailwind nerfed? The VALORANT developers at Riot have said that Jett’s dash “proved unhealthy” to the game’s tactical cycle.

Is Jett good anymore?

This might seem like a drastic change, but the dash is still a powerful ability when used correctly and Jett players no longer have the ability to correct a mistake by instantly escaping. Jett players might need some time to adjust to the update, but she is still one of the best choices in any composition.

How do you play Jett effectively?

HOLD the ability key to curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair. The smoke lasts for 4.5 seconds. Ability 2 — Updraft (150 Creds): INSTANTLY propel Jett high into the air. Signature Ability — Tailwind (1 free, 2 kill recharge): INSTANTLY propel Jett in the direction she is moving.

Is Jett good for beginners?

Jett is the best agent (currently) at creating space and entering into a site first on the attack. Another one of Jett’s strengths is her ability to make risky aggressive plays because you can Tailwind (Dash) away when you are in danger, or after you get that first kill.

How do you ult with Jett?

HOLD the ability key to curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair. INSTANTLY propel Jett high into the air.

Is Jett a ninja?

Jett is a VALORANT agent who specializes in mobility and assassinations. Like a true ninja, this South Korean agent can dash short distances to catch-up enemies or escape dangerous situation, and even propel herself upwards to reach highground places and surprise lurking targets who think they’re safe up there.

Is Jett a radiant?

Jett is the 10th Agent to join the VALORANT Protocol. She is a Radiant with powers that allow her to control the wind.