What are the notes in Le Labo Santal?

Description. The fragrance’s very spicy and floral opening reveals notes of cardamom and violet. The heart leaves pride of place to the key ingredient, sandalwood, which has been paired here with cedar and iris. The more leathery trail is blended with papyrus, ambrox and musk.

What do Le Labo numbers mean?

Each fragrance is named after the primary scent note and given a number, which indicates the composition’s total ingredient count. Another 13 is an exception to this convention, as it was named after Another Magazine.

What makes Le Labo so special?

In addition, there are 13 exclusive scents that are solely available in the cities the products are inspired by. For example, Vanille 44 is only available in Paris, with Tokyo and New York also having their own signature scents. Le Labo products are free of parabens, animal products, preservatives or artificial colors.

What does labdanum Le Labo smell like?

It’s indeed like Musc Ravageur but without the clove and cinnamon. The synthetic musk will smell familiar and here it’s enhanced by vanilla and amber. Also some resinous qualities here and there. In the mid and drydown it becomes much more powdery and sweet.

Does Le Labo last long?

Senior Editor Hallie Gould loves this vegan and cruelty-free fragrance from cult-favorite brand Le Labo. It lasts so long because it’s not a traditional perfume that’s formulated with a base of alcohol. Instead, it’s an oil. It sinks into the skin and stays put all day long.

What does French labdanum smell like?

Labdanum is the main ingredient used when making the scent of amber in perfumery. Labdanum’s odour is variously described as amber, animalic, sweet, fruity, woody, ambergris, dry musk, or leathery.

Is cistus and labdanum the same?

Rock rose (Cistus ladanifer L.) refers to the plant itself (and its essential oil and various extracts) whereas labdanum (Cistus ladanifer L.) is the absolute, extracted (and distilled) from the natural, sticky oleoresin produced by the plant.

Do you put Le Labo in the fridge?

They’re not custom blends, but you pick from the brand’s selection, and it will be made fresh and right before your eyes. The oils are kept refrigerated at the Le Labo counter, so you know they’re as crisp as can be and smell exactly as Fabrice imagined them to.

What does labdanum perfume smell like?

Both the spice and the sweetness it’s honeyed and still enriched with oriental elements. It smells truly exotic yet comfortingly familiar. It’s leathery and yet woody at the same time conjuring up ideas of far flung luxury as much as it does dusty carpenter’s workshops and bustling shipyards.

What is Labdanum 18 by Le Labo?

Labdanum 18 by Le Labo is a Amber fragrance for women and men. Labdanum 18 was launched in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel. Labdanum 18 Le Labo perfume – a fragrance for women and men 2006 Labdanum 18 by Le Labo is a Amber fragrance for women and men. Labdanum 18 was launched in 2006.

What do you think of labdanum?

Labdanum is described as “deep, powerful, leathery and ambery note.” I don’t detect any leathery note… if I do it’s a soft, powdery leather. This is an interesting and nuanced scent of obvious quality – I like it! Longevity is good. gtabasso07/07/16 07:20 This reminds me so much of Musc Ravageur but with more vanilla and tonka.

What are the animal notes in labdanum?

The animal notes give Labdanum 18 beautiful depth without ever drowning out the featured note. At the top, they’re clear and clean with civet being slightly more prominent. On drydown, the warmth allows the animalics to weave rhythmically through the labdanum in accented measure.

What do you think of Labdanum 18 by Donna Karan?

I’m tending to compare Labdanum 18 to Donna Karan’s Essence Labdanum, although I find the latter a touch too linear and weak. This fragrance in particular has a deliciously sweet smokiness, which turns to powder towards the drydown.