Is Kevin Gates black or white?

Kevin Jerome Gilyard was born on February 5, 1986, to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father.

What songs does Kevin Gates sing?

Thinkin’ with My DickBig GangstaReally ReallyCartel SwagMe TooTime for That
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Who sang really really?

WINNERREALLY REALLY / ArtistWinner, is a South Korean boy band consisting of four members: Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino and Seungyoon. Wikipedia

What was Kevin Gates first song?

Kevin Gates first began rapping in 2007, when he began making music with fellow Louisiana natives such as Webbie and Lil Boosie. Gates first received attention with his 2008 single “Get in the Way” featuring Lil Boosie. Soon after, he and Boosie would be incarcerated in separate cases.

How many platinum songs does Kevin Gates have?

Kevin Gates has emerged a pillar of Southern Rap with 14 RIAA Platinum and 14 Gold Certifications over the span of his career.

Is Dreka and Kevin gates related?

Inside Kevin Gates and Dreka’s relationship The Baton Rouge rapper and wife Dreka first got together almost two decades ago. Back in October 2020, Dreka posted a tribute for Kevin, wishing him a happy anniversary. In the Instagram post, she revealed that the couple had completed 17 years together.

Is Kevin Gates wife Dreka?

Kevin Gates celebrates his 36th birthday in Jamaica with his wife Dreka Gates and some friends. In celebration of his thirty-six cycles around the sun, Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates decided to do it big by living his best life in Jamaica over the weekend.

Has NBA YoungBoy went platinum?

But on Friday (May 13), YoungBoy broke his own record and took to Instagram to show off a massive plaque he’d received from the RIAA to commemorate him having 100 gold and platinum singles. At just 22-years-old, the Baton Rouge lyricist is also one of the youngest artists to achieve this feat.

Did Juice WRLD go diamond?

The late rap star Juice WRLD has reached yet another milestone as his breakout single, “Lucid Dreams,” has reached Diamond certification after accumulating more than 10 million units sold, according to the RIAA.