What is the income tax slab for AY 2014 15?

Income Tax Slab & Deductions FY 2014-15

For Men below 60 years of age For Senior Citizens (Age 60 years or more but less than 80 years)
Rs. 2,50,000 Nil Nil
Rs. 2,50,001 – Rs. 500,000 10% 10%
Rs. 500,001 – Rs. 10,00,000 20% 20%
Above Rs. 10,00,000 30% 30%

How do I file a US 154 rectification?

The process of making the online rectification request under section 154 to IT Department

  1. A. Login to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.
  2. B. From the drop down “Efile” select “Rectification”
  3. C. Mention the credentials asked like.
  4. D. Select the rectification request type.
  5. E. Click on submit below the screen.
  6. F.

How do I file a rectification request for tax credit mismatch?

Submitting the request for Rectification

  1. Go to the ‘e-File’ menu and Click ‘Rectification’ link.
  2. Choose the options of ‘Order/Intimation to be rectified’ and ‘Assessment Year’ from the dropdown list. Click ‘Continue’
  3. Select any one of the following options of ‘Request Type’ from drop down list. •

What is rectification request in income tax?

A request for rectification can be submitted on the e-Filing portal if there is any mistake apparent from record, in an Intimation issued u/s 143(1) or order u/s 154 by the CPC or by the Assessing Officer (where rectification rights are transferred by CPC) .

What is the time limit for filing rectification under section 154?

4 years
Time-limit for rectification No order of rectification can be passed after the expiry of 4 years from the end of the financial year in which order sought to be rectified was passed. The period of 4 years is from the date of order sought to be rectified and not 4 years from original order.

What is rectification order u/s 154?

A rectification request under section 154(1) is allowed by the Income Tax Department for correcting mistakes when there is an apparent mistake in your Income Tax Return. The following errors can be taken care of by filing a rectification – an error of fact. an arithmetic mistake.

What happens if you file wrong ITR?

HUFs can also use ITR-4. If a taxpayer uses the wrong form, the income-tax officer may consider his return as defective under Section 139(9) of the I-T Act. The taxpayer is given the option to rectify his mistake by filing a revised return within a prescribed time limit.

What is the time limit for rectification?

Who must file a tax return?

Most U.S. citizens – and permanent residents who work in the United States – need to file a tax return if they make more than a certain amount for the year. You may want to file even if you make less than that amount, because you may get money back if you file.

What is the time limit for rectification of mistake?

Time-limit for rectification The period of 4 years is from the date of order sought to be rectified and not 4 years from original order. Hence, if an order is revised, set aside, etc., then the period of 4 years will be counted from the date of such fresh order and not from the date of original order.

What is intimation letter for order u/s 154?

A notice under Section 154 can be issued only up to 4 years after the end of a particular financial year in which a rectification order was passed. If the taxpayer raises an amendment request, the department is bound to respond within 6 months of receipt of such a request.

Can 154 Order be rectified?

As per section 154, any mistake apparent from the record can be rectified by the Income Tax Authorities in following cases: a) Any order passed under any provisions of the Income-tax Act. b) Any intimation or deemed intimation sent under section 143(1).

Can appeal be filed against intimation u/s 154?

The assessee cannot use proceedings u/s. 154 to file appeal against the order passed u/s.