Are 3 still sponsors of Chelsea?

CHELSEA have announced a lucrative new sleeve logo with cryptocurrency group WhaleFin. The West London club are also reportedly set to ditch Three as their main shirt sponsor. The European champions have announced a tidy £20million-a-year sleeve sponsor – with a cryptocurrency group called WhaleFin.

When did Samsung stop sponsoring Chelsea?

They were followed by Fly Emirates, more at home with London rivals Arsenal these days. That deal lasted until 2005 when Samsung Mobile and then Samsung were the names on Chelsea’s shirts. They parted ways in 2015 and were replaced by Yokohama Tyres. The two companies signed a five-year deal with Chelsea worth £200m.

What brand is on chelseas Jersey?

It came as a surprise to some when Chelsea took to the pitch for Sunday’s game with Newcastle wearing the same home jersey they had worn all season. That jersey features the names and logos of ‘Three’ and ‘Hyundai’, despite the companies making moves to suspend their partnerships with the club.

Do Chelsea have their own plane?

The Chelsea FC owner recently traded the aircraft in for a Boeing 787. Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich used to own one of the world’s most expensive private jets – a Boeing 767-33AER complete with a gold-gilded banquet hall and the same anti-ballistic system as the VC-25As used as Air Force One.

Why are Chelsea sponsored by 3?

Chelsea have been forced to keep shirt sponsor Three UK’s logo on their matchday shirts due to the special government licence given to the Club upon Roman Abramovich’s sanctioning.

What is Chelsea’s mascot?

Stamford The Lion
Bridget the Lioness
Chelsea F.C./Mascots

Which Chelsea player has a private jet?

Inside Roman Abramovich’s incredible £270m private jet boasting bedrooms and kitchen. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has long enjoyed all the perks that come with sitting on a frankly staggering amount of wealth and even bankrolled the most successful period in the history of Chelsea Football Club.

Is Nike still sponsoring Chelsea?

Update: Nike will not cancel their deal with Chelsea and will remain committed to the club, according to the Athletic, with “sources close to Nike” telling them so. This will come as good news to Chelsea fans as the Blues’ contract with their technical sponsor is worth £900 million over 15 years.