Who was the most famous person in the Revolutionary War?

Thomas Jefferson was a one of the most important and prominent figures in American history. He was a founding father who was responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence as well as the third President of the United States.

Who was the youngest person in the Revolutionary War?

In the summer of 1776, Joseph Plumb Martin enlisted in the Connecticut state militia at the tender age of 15; he later joined the Continental Army of General George Washington and served nearly seven years on behalf of the Revolutionary cause.

Who was victorious in the Revolutionary War?

the Americans
After French assistance helped the Continental Army force the British surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781, the Americans had effectively won their independence, though fighting would not formally end until 1783.

Who were the 3 leaders of the American Revolution?

During the American Revolution, a number of men and women rose to prominence: George Washington, Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and countless others distinguished themselves by their courage, patriotism, wisdom and talent.

Who did George Washington trust the most?

General Benedict Arnold A successful merchant before the war, Benedict Arnold built an impressive resume fighting for the Americans and became one of Washington’s most trusted generals.

What did Samuel Adams do in the Revolutionary War?

During the Revolutionary War, Adams was a member of the first and second Continental Congress. Samuel fought indefatigably to sway congress toward independence. In 1776, Samuel Adams was a proud signer of the United States Declaration of Independence.

How did Samuel de Vere become a tax collector?

He became a tax collector in 1756, he often did not collect taxes from people, and while this made him very popular among the town’s citizens, he shorted his own income a lot. Later, after the Seven Years’ War, Samuel had become a prominent figurehead in his political group for the struggle against Great Britain.

What was the American Revolutionary War?

The American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence, was a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen British colonies in North American. Home Battles 1775 to 1783

When did New Hampshire roll its soldiers in the Revolutionary War?

The State of New Hampshire, rolls of the soldiers in the Revolutionary War, May 1777 to 1780. Concord, New Hampshire: New Hampshire Historical Society, 1886.