What is a synonym for unevenness?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for unevenness. aperiodicity, inconsistence, inconsistency, irregularity.

Is unevenness a word?

unevenness noun [U] (NOT LEVEL) the quality or fact of not being level, equal, flat, or continuous: This calculation illustrates the general unevenness of the distribution of family responsibilities.

What is a word for not smooth?

Some common synonyms of uneven are harsh, rough, rugged, and scabrous. While all these words mean “not smooth or even,” uneven implies a lack of uniformity in height, breadth, or quality.

What is unevenness of a surface?

An uneven surface or edge is not smooth, flat, or straight.

What are the antonyms for smooth?

Antonyms for smooth

  • Antonyms: roughen. Definition: make rough or rougher.
  • Antonyms: unsmooth, rough.
  • Antonyms: rough, jolting, jolty, jumpy, bumpy, rocky.
  • Antonyms: rough.
  • Antonyms: staccato, disconnected.
  • Antonyms: turn on, rouse, excite, charge, charge up, commove, agitate.
  • Antonyms: difficult, hard.
  • Antonyms: undiplomatic.

What is a better word for rough?

bumpy, choppy, coarse, fuzzy, harsh, rocky, rugged, dry, turbulent, cruel, hard, nasty, raw, tough, unpleasant, unpolished, violent, sketchy, foggy, hazy.

Does uneven mean odd?

(of a number) odd; not divisible into two equal integers: The numerals 3, 5, and 7 are uneven.

What is the best Synonym of smooth?

synonyms for smooth

  • continuous.
  • creamy.
  • easy.
  • effortless.
  • flat.
  • fluid.
  • gentle.
  • glossy.

What is a simile for smooth?

Smooth as the surface of a pebble. —Joseph Addison. 1. Smooth like a china cup.

How do you say rough professionally?


  1. backbreaking.
  2. burdensome.
  3. exhausting.
  4. fatiguing.
  5. formidable.
  6. grueling.
  7. harsh.
  8. heavy.

What is a lopsided grin?

1With one side lower or smaller than the other. ‘a lopsided grin’ ‘He kept them there just a second too long before dropping them to his sides with a lopsided grin. ‘

What is the word for uneven?

bumpy, irregular, odd, patchy, rough, spotty, unbalanced, unequal, unsteady, asymmetrical, broken, changeable, craggy, differing, discrepant, disparate, disproportionate, fitful, fluctuating, harsh.

Is a carriageway a road?

A carriageway (British English) or roadway (North American English) consists of a width of road on which a vehicle is not restricted by any physical barriers or separation to move laterally.

Unevenness synonyms. Top synonyms for unevenness (other words for unevenness) are variability, irregularity and irregularities.

What does unevenness mean in art?

The state or characteristic of not having a smooth surface “The texture and slight unevenness of the paint add a remarkable three-dimensional quality to these wallpapers.” The state or characteristic of being lopsided, lacking in symmetry “They show clearly the degree of unevenness in the balance of power between them.”

What is meant by unevenness of the fabric?

Every unevenness shows when the cover is polished and pressed. This tends to get rid of any unevenness and makes the fibers all parallel. And the expression is so liable to unevenness as to be less worthy than it should be. It explains the unevenness of his work and its lack of finish.