Will my doctor prescribe me Phentermine?

Usually, phentermine can be prescribed if your body mass index (BMI) is higher than 30 kg/m2 or higher than 27 kg/m2 with other health conditions. Taking medication for weight loss is often considered only after other attempts to lose weight.

Can you get phentermine through telehealth?

**Complimentary within 30 days of telehealth appointment, in-office only. You may choose how to receive your Phentermine! Either have your prescription phoned into your local pharmacy at your cost, OR have it shipped to your home by 2-3 day tracked delivery for an additional $25 (includes prescription cost).

Can a nurse practitioner prescribe Adipex?

The American Medical Association indicates that NPs from every state can prescribe Schedule IV-controlled substances such as Adipex.

Can a doctor prescribe Adipex?

Phentermine is an FDA-approved drug intended for weight loss. Its chemical structure is similar to that of the stimulant drug amphetamine, and it’s available only with a prescription.

Will teladoc prescribe Adipex?

Teladoc Therapists do not prescribe medications.

Can a registered nurse prescribe medication?

While an RN is often asked to prepare patient medical histories, record symptoms, monitor patient recovery, and assist with medical treatments, RNs are not allowed to diagnose patients, write treatment plans, or prescribe medications.

What can I tell my doctor to get weight loss pills?

Your doctor may prescribe you medicine to treat your obesity if you have:

  • A BMI of 30 or greater.
  • A BMI of 27 or more and you have a disease or condition that may be related to your weight (this could include diabetes or high blood pressure).

How do you tell your doctor you want to lose weight?

How to Talk With Your Doctor About Your Weight

  1. Prepare for Your Visit. Write down questions you have ahead of time.
  2. Start the Conversation. You can start the conversation by saying something like, “I’ve been thinking about my weight recently.
  3. Set Your Goals.
  4. Find the Right Tools for You.

Can a pharmacist prescribe drugs?

In recent years, the pharmacist’s role has evolved to include the ability to prescribe medications, adjust and monitor drug therapy, perform patient assessments, and more — given an active license from the Board of Pharmacy.