What is a rear side marker light?

Side marker lights are auxiliary safety lights that give other drivers a clear view of your vehicle’s position and direction of travel from various angles. They illuminate with your vehicle’s headlights or blink with the directionals and are usually located near your vehicle’s bumper, fender, or rear quarter panel.

Where is a marker light?

Identification marker lights are a group of three lights, with the middle fixture mounted on the centerline of the vehicle. These fixtures create a visual signature that identifies the vehicle as wider than 2,032 mm (80 inches).

What does marker light mean?

Marker lights let others know where you are on the road when it’s dark out, and courtesy lamps and map lights give you some light inside your vehicle cabin when there’s not enough light to see without them. All of these bulbs will burn out in time, but don’t worry!

What is the purpose of side marker lights?

The purpose of side marker lamps is to enable a driver to see another vehicle that is approaching at an angle at night—and to see it early enough that the driver can stop in time to prevent a collision or, at least, slow down to reduce the severity of the collision.

What are the lights on the back bumper called?

Reflectors are exactly what they appear to be. They reflect light and don’t have any electrical components behind them. They can be located in the front or rear bumpers, or on the corners of the grille or fenders.

What are the different lights on the back of a car?

Taillights are red and are located on the back of your vehicle. Brake lights light up when you hit brakes to signal the drivers behind you to stop. Parking lights are located at the front and back of your vehicles; they are white or amber in the front and red on the back.

How do you change a side marker bulb?

Unbolt or unscrew the side marker light assembly from the vehicle and remove the damaged assembly. Install new side marker light assembly on the vehicle. Reinstall the side marker light bulb and socket into the lens. Test the operation of the side marker light assembly to verify your repairs.

What is the difference between marker and clearance lights?

Clearance lights and marker lights help identify the size of a vehicle, truck, or trailer. Clearance lamps indicate the overall width and height, and marker, or side marker, lamps indicate the overall length.

What are the white lights on the back of a car?

Reverse lights are also called backup lights. They are used to warn other vehicles and people around the car that the vehicle is about to move backwards. The reverse lights also provide some illumination when the car is backing…

What are your tail lights?

Tail lights are the red lights that activate when the front headlights are turned on. Because of this, they are typically inactive during the day. They shine less brightly than brake lights because they’re only designed to be active in dim conditions, such as nighttime or heavy rain.