What happens in Act 2 of Death of a Salesman?

In Act 2 of Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman, exhausted and indebted, begs his boss to let him work in New York. When he’s fired, Willy turns to Charley for a loan. Charley offers him a job, but Willy refuses to work for him. His sons try to give him bad news, but Willy won’t accept it.

What does the football represent in Death of a Salesman?

Biff stole the football, so its a symbol of deceit and lies. It is a symbol of Biff’s hopeful future, he burnt it after seeing his father’s affair because he no longer believed in him, thus did not have a parent figure to assist him to his hopeful future. A better time of an environmentally friendly neighborhood.

What did Biff steal Death of a Salesman?

Happy reveals that Biff has stolen a football. Willy immediately disapproves; however, he defends Biff when Happy criticizes him. Biff’s action reflects his own struggle for order within his life. He steals the ball to practice so that he can play well during the Ebbet’s Field game.

What is the most important detail about the scene at Frank’s Chop House?

The scene in Frank’s Chop House is pivotal to Willy’s unraveling and to Biff’s disillusionment. Biff’s epiphany in Oliver’s office regarding Willy’s exaggeration of Biff’s position at Oliver’s store puts him on a quest to break through the thick cloud of lies surrounding his father at any cost.

What does the fountain pen represent or symbolize?

Business Corruption. The fountain pen symbolizes corruption and shallowness — traits associated with greed and materialism in the business world.

What does the fountain pen symbolize?

Why does Biff run out of the Chop house?

He tells Hap, “We’ve been talking in a dream for fifteen years.” Act 2, Part 5, pg. 81 Biff was so mad at Oliver’s dismissal and so upset about his realization that, without meaning to, he stole Oliver’s gold fountain pen and ran away.

What does the seeds garden symbolize in Death of a Salesman?

Seeds. Seeds represent for Willy the opportunity to prove the worth of his labor, both as a salesman and a father. His desperate, nocturnal attempt to grow vegetables signifies his shame about barely being able to put food on the table and having nothing to leave his children when he passes.

What is the significance of Alaska in Death of a Salesman?

Alaska is also a representation of freedom and potential success. Ben and Willy’s father became rich men because they took the chance on something unknown. There was no guarantee that Ben would find diamond mines in Africa but because he opened his horizons, all his hard work produced success.