Is Wild Tangent games necessary?

WildTangent Games is typically pre-installed with Dell computers. Some users and experts alike have reported that this program is considered bloatware or bundleware. Such software is optional and can be safely removed if you do not utilize the features of the progam.

What does HP mean in video games?

hit points
In role-playing games, this typically takes the form of hit points (HP), a numerical attribute representing the health of a character or object. The game character can be a player character, a boss, or a mob.

Is it OK to uninstall Wild Tangent games?

Can you play WildTangent games offline?

After you purchase, download, and unlock a game (while online), you will have access to playing the game while your PC is offline.

What does FP mean in games?

FP means “Fair Play.”

How many WildTangent sale offers are there?

Save with 17 WildTangent Offers. 2020 Sale! Up to 50% Off Top Games Weekend Games! Up to 90% Off Select Alawar Games 2020 Sale! Up to 50% Off Top Games

How do I Find my WildTangent Games purchase history?

1 Open theWildTangentGames App and click the “Sign in” link at the top of the page 2 After you have signed in, clickMyAccount 3 Select PURCHASE HISTORY. 4 On your Purchase History Page, you will see the list of that games you’ve purchased with the Unlock Code to the Right.

Do you need a WildTangent account for acquisition?

Acquisition needs a WildTangent account. You must be 13 years or older to arrangement a WildTangent account. Legitimate only in the United States. For a restricted time! Get Pride as well as Prejudice: Blood Ties Collector’s Edition video game Free when you end up being a wild participant.

How to use WildCoins?

Use of WildCoins requires a Wildtangent bank account. You have to be 13 years to arrange a Wildtangent bank account. A single offer redemption every household. Tap offer to copy the coupon code. Keep in mind to paste code when you take a look at. Online just.