How do you use lupit poles?

Simply run the black side of the pillow along the length of the pole for it to take effect. Then, use the pink side of the pillow to run it across your skin. The two sides of the pillow work together to provide an extra layer of grip to make sure that you aren’t going anywhere! FREE SHIPPING!

How much weight can a lupit pole hold?

80 – 120 kg
The pole creates an 80 – 120 kg load. The upper disc has a 200 mm in diameter. The lower disc has a 120 mm in diameter.

Is lupit pole good?

The Best Dance Poles for Home Use: Lupit Pole Review The Lupit Classic G2 is a highly rated static-spin option for home poles. It comes in chrome, stainless steel, and black powder-coated. Diameter options are 42mm and 45mm. Lupit boasts that their chrome finish is nickel-free and extra “grippy” for slippery hands.

Is lupit or Xpole better?

Get Lupit Pole or X-Pole I recommend Lupit Pole over X-Pole because: Their quality is better, and especially their installation and spinning experience. The engineers behind Lupit are constantly improving the performance of their poles.

Why is my dance pole not spinning?

If you have this issue, your pole is too tight. Tighten the bolts at the bottom so it doesn’t spin, take the cover off the top of the pole, then use the little bar tool to loosen the entire pole as if taking it down.

Why does my dance pole keep falling?

Pole Is Slipping Or Coming Loose From Ceiling Print The usual reason the dome comes loose from the ceiling and slips during use is because the adjuster bar on the pole was not tightened enough during installation to provide adequate pressure between the ceiling and floor.

Where are lupit poles made?

Lupit Pole are a European company (based in Slovenia, to be specific!) who manufacture portable dance poles, freestanding dancing poles (pole stages), and a range of other pole dancing products such as crash mats and grip aids.

What is the best metal for pole dancing?

Brass is the highest quality metal available for a dance pole. They’re commonly found in areas with warmer climates. Brass poles are also known for being easier to grip with, as they’re much less slippery that chrome poles, making brass an excellent choice for a beginner – although, they are a bit more expensive.

What pole diameter should I get?

Poles come in three diameters – 50mm, 45mm and 40mm. If in doubt, go for 45mm as this is the new industry standard and the size found in most studios and at pole dancing competitions. If you have a small grip then you may find a 40mm pole more comfortable when gripping the pole.

How do you unlock dancing poles?

To get the Dance Pole in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to make their way to the Gold Saucer, the arcade zone of Eorzea. Once inside, walk over to the Gold Saucer Attendant at the front desk and select the “Others” category. There, the Dance Pole will be available for purchase for 2,000 MGP.

Will a stripper pole mess up my ceiling?

The pole should leave no damage to a floor or ceiling, as long as it is used and maintained correctly!

How do I make sure my poles are level?

Next, use a level to make sure your pole is completely straight when it’s in the upright position. Always, always, always test your pole when you’re done tightening it against the ceiling. You can do this by firmly gripping it in both hands and pulling back and forth. If there’s ANY movement, it is not secure.

Why Lupit pole?

Why Lupit Pole? Dr. Ken has joined Lupit Pole as an Ambassador because, despite being propositioned in the past by other known pole manufacturers, he has never felt comfortable putting his reputation behind any manufacturer before. Lupit Pole has impressed Dr. Ken in their constant push to improve industry standards of safety through innovation.

How to install the pole correctly?

First, you must hold the upper tube of part A with your hand and tighten the “lower nut” using the tool and than in the final stage use the second tool to hold the upper nut. The pole should be stable and safe now. Watch the installation video from 1:28 to – 2:00.

Can the LP classic pole be used in the studio?

We do not recommend LP Classic to be used in the studio on competitions. This pole is made of many segments and its structure needs more attention and care. For professional use, we designed LP PRO and LP Studio Champion poles which are custom made for different ceiling heights. What is the maximum ceiling height for the LP Classic pole?

What happens if you flip a Lupit pole on the ceiling?

The Lupit Classic home pole is a pressure pole, which generates some force on the ceiling during installation. False/plaster ceilings do not provide enough support for the pole, it can cause the ceiling to sag…and here we go…pole loses its stability and an innocent flip can be fatal.