Are The Rubettes still alive?

Paul Da Vinci (born Paul Leonard Prewer, 1951) is a British singer and musician. He is best known as the lead singer on the 1974 hit recording by the Rubettes, “Sugar Baby Love”, although he did not perform with the group at the time….

Paul Da Vinci
Years active 1969–present

Who wrote the song Sugar Baby Love?

Wayne Bickerton
Tony Waddington
Sugar Baby Love/Composers

Who was the main singer in The Rubettes?

Alan WilliamsThe Rubettes / Lead singer

Who wrote rubettes songs?

Wayne Bickerton: Songwriter and producer who was behind the success of the Rubettes and their 70s No 1, Sugar Baby Love.

What nationality are The Rubettes?


The Rubettes
Origin England
Genres Pop rock, glam rock, rock and roll
Years active 1974–1980, 1982–1999, 2000–present
Labels Polydor Records, State Records, Sobel Nation Records

What happened to Alan Williams from The Rubettes?

When the Rubettes stopped touring in the early 80’s, Alan concentrated on a solo career achieving some recognition in Europe before eventually in 1983 going ‘back on the road’ with the Rubettes.

What year was The Rubettes Sugar Baby Love?

1974Sugar Baby Love / Released

Who is Alan Williams wife?

He had three children. Owen (born 1977) and Laura (born 1980) with his first wife, Antonia (née Simpson). He then married literary agent Maggie Noach and their daughter Sophie was born in 1989.

Where are The Rubettes from?

London, United KingdomThe Rubettes / Origin

Are The Rubettes British?

In November 1974, NME music magazine reported that The Rubettes, The Glitter Band and Mud were among the UK bands who had roles in a new film titled Never Too Young to Rock.

Are the rubettes English?

The Rubettes are an English pop/glam rock band put together in 1974 after the release of “Sugar Baby Love”, a recording assembled of studio session musicians in 1973 by the songwriting team of Wayne Bickerton, the then head of A&R at Polydor Records, and his co-songwriter, Tony Waddington, after their doo-wop and 1950s …

What happened to Alan Williams from the rubettes?

Where did the rubettes come from?

Where did The Rubettes come from?

Where did the group rubettes come from?