Why Thailand is medical hub?

The number of medical tourists coming to Thailand has been increasing for several reasons, including having reasonable costs for medical treatments and other high quality healthcare services, a world famous and highly developed tourism infrastructure, and a global reputation for providing attentive and world-class …

Which country is best for medical treatment in Asia?

1. Japan. According to our analysis Japan’s healthcare system ranked first, due to its exceptional healthcare outcomes, accessibility and affordability. Citizens enjoy long lives and have access to healthcare that provides quality treatment for common health conditions, suggesting quality healthcare is a priority.

Which country is famous for its medical tourism in Asia?

Thailand. Ten years ago Singapore was said to be the capital of Southeast Asian medical tourism, but by most estimates, Thailand has now taken that title.

Is Thailand good for medical?

Thailand is gaining worldwide recognition for the quality of its healthcare services, after the US magazine CEOWORLD placed Thailand sixth in its’ 2019 list of countries with the best healthcare systems, the Public Health Ministry said.

What country in Asia has the best hospitals?

Best Hospitals in Asia

  • Bangkok Hospital Medical Center – Bangkok, Thailand :
  • Gleneagles Hospital – Singapore :
  • Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation-Taiwan :
  • Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital – Hong Kong :
  • Asan Medical Center – Seoul, South Korea :
  • St.
  • ID Hospital – Seoul, South Korea :

What is Thailand’s medical tourism?

But when it comes to medical tourism, it is the private hospitals in Thailand that truly shine, as the doctors in the country are very well trained in the latest treatments and procedures, and hospitals are outfitted with the most cutting-edge medical technology.

Are Thai hospitals good?

There are excellent private and international hospitals in Thailand. Many can be found in the main cities such as Bangkok, the provincial capitals and the area’s most popular with tourism. The quality of care and the standard of medical treatment can be on par with some of the best hospitals in the UK.

Why is Thai healthcare so good?

Thailand has a healthcare system that is one of the world’s best. The country started its universal coverage program in 2002, which opened up universal health coverage to all citizens. Most Thais receive health coverage through that universal coverage scheme.

Why Thailand is famous for medical tourism?

Highly Trained Doctors and Staff With a so high ratio of medical tourism, Thailand offers latest and safe procedures performed by licensed and accredited staff only. Most of the medical professionals are qualified by medical associations of US and/or more than two countries.

Why is Thailand popular for medical tourism?

It’s because of the Thai health care system. It’s advanced and affordable, and these are the two most important criteria for would-be medical tourists,” said Adele Kulyk, CEO of Saskatchewan-based Global Healthcare Connections Inc., an agency that arranges patient travel to Asia and Central America.

Why is Thailand healthcare so good?