What is the purpose of the Combined Federal Campaign?

CFC is the official workplace giving campaign for the federal community, offering federal employees and retirees the opportunity to support the causes they care about by giving to their charity (or charities) of choice from the thousands that participate.

How do you get listed in the Combined Federal Campaign?

The only method for applying to the CFC is through the online CFC Application System. Paper applications will not be processed. Organizations are required to apply each year, but a complete application is required only every third year for organizations that were approved for participation in the prior campaign.

Why should I donate to CFC?

People can learn about and support charities like this through the CFC. By giving through the CFC, people support charities in a way that really makes a difference to all of them, both large and small. Employees do this by having a little deducted from each paycheck.

Does CFC take a percentage?

The percentage that each campaign deducts has always varied widely. For example, the DC CFC’s cost percentage was 9.5% in 2015, not 13%. If a charity gets all or most of its donations from a lower cost campaign like DC’s, the percentage deducted from its checks will be lower.

Is the Combined Federal Campaign legit?

CFC is the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas raising millions of dollars each year.

What is a good AFR for a charity?

Charity watchdogs like the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance say charitable commitment should be no lower than 65%. No charity on our list is below 71%. FUNDRAISING EFFICIENCY This shows the percentage of private donations left after subtracting the costs of getting them.

What is the Combined Federal Campaign?

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the largest and most successful workplace charitable giving drive in the world. CFC is the only authorized charitable organization solicitation of Federal employees in their workplaces.

When did combined campaigns become the standard fundraising method?

By 1971 all campaigns had become “combined.”. President Nixon announced on March 3, 1971, that the CFC would be the uniform fundraising method for the federal service.

What was the original fundraising method for the federal government?

President Nixon announced on March 3, 1971, that the CFC would be the uniform fundraising method for the federal service. Another major change at the time was the introduction of payroll deduction as a form of charitable contribution.