Are riedell boots true to size?

Women: Order one full size down from U.S. shoe size. Men: Order true to U.S. shoe size.

Are Riedell Skates comfortable?

The Riedell Model 495 boot is one of our most comfortable roller skate boots and has many features that make it a near perfect fit for most who try it on. The boot sports hand-sorted full-grain leather uppers and a heat moldable counter ensure a customized and comfortable fit.

Where are riedell boots made?

Red Wing, Minnesota
By manufacturing only top-quality, hand-crafted skating boots made in Red Wing, Minnesota, our founders built a reputation for supplying the world’s best skates with exceptional fit and comfort.

Do riedell skates run big?

If one foot is longer than the other, use the measurement of the longer foot. The number in the right column will be the size Riedell skate you need….Riedell Sizing Chart.

Women’s and Men’s Riedell Skate Sizes
Foot Length in Inches Skate Size
10 7.5
10 3/16 8
10 3/8 8.5

Are riedell skates pre sharpened?

MATERIALS: The boot is made of synthetic material. The GR-4 blades are stainless steel. The blades have a groove in them, but that does not mean they are pre-sharpened – they are not.

Are riedell skates worth it?

In general, I like these skates. They arrived on time, fit comfortably, and they were a good skate to go through fresh meat training. However, after 4.5 months, the vinyl plate is already detaching from the rest of the skate, and that’s really disappointing. I should have spent the extra money on a better brand.

What size do I wear in Riedell skates?

Looking at the chart on the right (for adults) find 9 3/16 inches. You will see that your Riedell skate size is size 5….Riedell Sizing Chart.

Women’s and Men’s Riedell Skate Sizes
Foot Length in Inches Skate Size
9 3/8 5.5
9 1/2 6
9 11/16 6.5

How do you tell if your skates are sharpened?

We recommend testing 3-5 spots up and down the blade on both the inside and outside edges. If you feel a little bite to your nail as you drag it across the edge – the edge is sharp.