What is Himalaya Liv 52 used for?

Himalaya Liv. 52 DS Tablet is used to protect the liver against toxins and to lower the risk of infections. It includes natural ingredients that can protect the liver against toxicity caused due to consumption of alcohol, certain medicines, supplements, etc.

Can Himalaya Liv 52 cure fatty liver?

Conclusions: Administration of LIV 52 can improve the subjective condition and clinical parameters in patients with liver damage, in particular in alcoholic liver damage and in steatosis. The effect is certainly due also to better motivation on the patients part, better lifestyle and dietary measures.

What does Liv 52 do for the liver?

It has been reported that Liv-52 protects liver against toxicity of ethanol by preventing the increase of lipid peroxidation and the reduction of antioxidants in rat liver tissue [7]. The information obtained suggests that Liv-52 may be useful during I/R treatment or may protect the liver tissue from I/R damage.

When should I take Himalaya Liv 52?

If the appetite is low take 1-2 pills before meals and it makes you hungry in no time. It may take skipping a meal and 2 in morning and 2 in evening but it does work to cure loss of appetite or indigestion. It is a medicine without any side effect and a must have in every household.

Can we take liver 52 daily?

You should avoid alchohol and do some physical exercise daily. There is no need of medicine. but if you want to take Liv-52 you can take 1tab thrice a day. it is safe.

Does Liv 52 reduce cholesterol?

Treatment with Vitamin D and Liv-52, the levels of total and free cholesterol, phospholipids, and TGs were significantly reduced and treatment with both combinations highly reduced all these levels when compared with CCl4 induced animals.

Is Liv 52 Harmful?

Liv 52 Tablet is a Tablet manufactured by Himalaya Drug Company. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of Promotes appetite, improves digestion, liver damage, jaundice, Hepatitis A & B.. It has some side effects such as Allergic reactions, nausea.

Is Liv-52 taken empty stomach?

You can take it before food . But single medicine may not be sufficient.

Does Liv-52 have any side effects?

Liv. 52 is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

How long we can take Liv 52 tablet?

Ideally, the use of Liv 52 DS should not be extended beyond 3-4 months at a time.

Does Liv-52 increase hemoglobin?

Liv. 52 HB suppress hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and clears the hepatitis B virus (HBV) by reverse transcriptase inhibition. It significantly lowers the overall viral load in chronic hepatitis B infection. Further, 6 months extended therapy gives comparatively better results in terms of viral clearance.

How long we can use Liv-52?

Can we take Liv-52 without doctor?

Precautions for Liv 52 DS Consumption: Patients should consult with their doctor before using Liv 52 DS along with either of these medicines. Children below 10 years of age should be given Liv 52 DS only if it has been prescribed by a physician.

Can Liv 52 be taken empty stomach?

You can take it before food .

Does Liv 52 improve digestion?

As a daily health supplement, Liv. 52 DS improves appetite, digestion and assimilation processes and promotes weight gain.

Can we take Liv 52 after dinner?

Liv 52 is a Ayurvedic medicine so you can take either before food or after food but according to my advice any digestive syrup should take after feed .

Can you take Liv 52 daily?

For adults, the recommended dose of Himalaya Liv 52 DS is 2 to 3 tablets to be taken 3 to 4 times a day, depending on the advice of your doctor.

Can I take Liv-52 empty stomach?

What is Liv 52 HB by Himalaya?

Clinical studies have concluded that Liv 52 HB significantly reduces viral load in hepatitis. Liv 52 HB by himalaya also has influence on liver enzymes and glycogen level in the liver. It restores the glycogen levels in the liver and helps normalizing elevated liver enzymes.

Can Liv 52 be taken with bhumi amla and punarnavadi Kadha?

Yes, LIV 52 can be taken with Bhumi Amla and Punarnava Kwath or Punarnavadi Kadha. What is the difference between Liv 52 and Himalaya LiverCare available in the US? US version of LiverCare formula does not contain Mandur Bhasma (Ferrous Oxide). All other ingredients are same. You can read more details here: Himalaya LiverCare

What are the benefits of Mandur Bhasma Himalaya Liv 52?

Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels) – Liv. 52 Tablets and Liv 52 DS Tablets containing Mandur Bhasma Himalaya Liv 52 is helpful in following health conditions. All variants of Himalaya Liv.52 have similar benefits and medicinal uses except Liv.52 HB. Liv.52 HB has additional benefit in hepatitis B and helps reducing viral load in the liver.

Can Liv 52 HB and Liv 52 DS be taken together?

Liv 52 HB is recommended for Hepatitis B, but it contains Nagarmotha, which improves digestion, liver functions and reduces liver enzymes. It is also beneficial in hyperacidity. However, one can take both Liv 52 DS and Liv 52 HB together for better results.