What is an LE discount?

Discounts on Training for Law Enforcement and Military If you are a law enforcement officer, first responder, or member of the military, you regularly put your life on the line to protect others.

Does Smith and Wesson offer Le discount?

Unfortunately, there is no official Smith & Wesson military discount.

Does SIG offer first responder discounts?

SIG SAUER is proud to offer discounts to US and Canadian Law Enforcement and Military members on a wide range of our most popular duty-style pistols and rifles.

Can police officers use GovX?

U.S. Government Employees Government employees from federal, state or local agencies are eligible to join GovX. Please note: Government contractors do not qualify for membership.

Does Costco have a law enforcement discount?

Exclusive Discount for Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers. EMTs, and Military Personnel. Costco offers free products and up to $60 in savings when you sign up with ID.me.

How much is the Smith and Wesson military discount?

Smith & Wesson and Thompson/Center Arms both offer a military discount through rebates up to $75 on select firearms….Military Discount Categories.

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Auto & Motorcycle Auto Parts & Services
Jewelry Lawn & Garden Luggage & Bags

Is GovX for veterans too?

Current & Former U.S. Military You are eligible if you are currently serving or previously served and were honorably discharged from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard or Navy.

Does Costco do first responder discount?

The Costco members who are also the first responders can get the discount. After showing their service id, they can get a discount at Costco. One needs to keep checking the Costco site for the discount whenever there is a discount; Costco makes the customers aware of it.

What is the wing tactical Leo/Mil discount program?

So as a small token of gratitude towards our brave and admirable service members and law enforcement officers, Wing Tactical is now offering a discount program for all of our courageous members. When you enroll in our LEO/MIL discount program, you’re entitled to receive valuable benefits including:

What firearms do you offer for law enforcement?

We currently offer law enforcement firearms from Glock, Ruger, Sig Sauer, and Smith & Wesson. We also carry the most popular law enforcement ammunition from Hornady and Winchester.

Is the military/Leo discount retroactive?

Please note that Military/LEO discount is not retroactive, it can only apply to orders that placed after your Military/LEO account has been set up. Set up an account on our website with your personal e-mail address.