What are the Daleks saying in German?

In classic dubs of Doctor Who, Daleks shout “vernichten” (meaning “to kill off”), whereas in modern dubbing, the verb “eliminieren” is used, meaning “to eliminate”. The full dialogue for the German Daleks is as follows: “Exterminieren! Exterminieren! Halt!

Why were the Daleks speaking German?

Now in the Germany scene in The Stolen Earth, the Daleks were definitely speaking German because of the assimilation.

What does Dalek stand for Dr Who?

Daleks, lethal exterminators in tank-like robotic shells, first made their appearance in the second serial of “Doctor Who,” broadcast in December 1963 and written by Terry Nation.

What do the Daleks call the Doctor?

Daleks refer to the Doctor as ‘Oncoming Storm’ or ‘Great Exterminator’. River Song calls the Doctor ‘Sweetie’. Susan simply called the Doctor ‘Grandfather’. He sometimes gets referred to as ‘The Renegade’ by other Time Lords.

What is Dr who and the Daleks?

Dr. Who and the Daleks was the first theatrical film based on Doctor Who. As an adaptation of The Daleks, it stars Peter Cushing as the human scientist Dr. Who, who invents Tardis and takes his companions on a journey to the planet Skaro, where they help the peace-loving Thals battle the evil Daleks .

What happened to the Dalek in the doctor who bunker?

In the episode, the alien time traveller the Ninth Doctor ( Christopher Eccleston) and his travelling companion Rose Tyler ( Billie Piper) encounter the bunker’s only living exhibit: a Dalek, which breaks loose and proceeds to start killing everyone in the bunker after repairing itself.

How did the doctor and Rose find the Dalek?

Dalek ( Doctor Who episode) Drawn by a distress signal, the Doctor and Rose arrive in a massive underground bunker near Salt Lake City, Utah in 2012, filled with alien artefacts. They are discovered by soldiers and taken to the bunker’s owner, Henry van Statten, who cordially welcomes them.

What is the correct order of the who and the Daleks?

Who and the Daleks) ” Dr. Who and the Daleks (theatrical film) + Barbara (Dr. Who and the Daleks) +